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Service 165

Just to clarify, 8159A indeed has been on HG 165 for the past few weeks. But every day, it's not on an assigned fixed perm slot (ie. every other day, it's replacing some other MIA Sv 165 perm, even if the timings don't change, because they shuffle around the perms)

And 8159A DOES NOT have any assigned slot for HG 165 since Sch Hols ended.

On the other hand, 5225L has a perm slot assigned (sw-411 15A/22P) based on the internal system since Sch Hols ended, which is incidentally, 8159A's previous perm slot.

But looking forward, the fleet should stabilise only from end-Jul onwards.

Since you reverted my edits for the Sv 165 page, I suggest you KIV both 5225L & 8159A's actual duty number & timings for each day you spot them on 165 / away from 165.

Especially for 8159A, because its appearance for Sv 165 doesn't always 100% seem to tally with its perm status.

And then update accordingly / let me know, thanks.

Note about Deregistration of Buses

1. Its technically to be removed and saved at struck midnight / the following day .... SBS3107H (talk) 23:40, 9 May 2014 (SGT)

2. This is your second note. It has to altered at the proper timing with accordance to OneMotoring database. And refer to above sentence. SBS3107H (talk) 22:55, 11 May 2014 (SGT)


What's with the integration and keep the rest separated on Service columns on Scania K230UB (Batch 1 Euro V)? Discuss with the users including admins and me before making any major changes ... SBS3107H (talk) 17:29, 2 June 2014 (SGT)

Unnecessary Merging of Deployment List

Please refrain from merging the deployment list unnecessarily like what you have did on the following pages:
Volvo B9TL (Wright Eclipse Gemini 2) (BSEP Batch 1) to Volvo B9TL (Wright Eclipse Gemini 2) (Batch 2B)‎ and
Volvo B9TL (Wright Eclipse Gemini 2) (BSEP Batch 2) to Volvo B9TL (Wright Eclipse Gemini 2) (Batch 3)‎

The reason is because these Wright buses are classified to differentiate for the BSEP and the production batch purchases.

Thank you.

--Apex-LW'21 (talk) 19:10, 5 June 2014 (SGT)


Hi there. I think you should not have created another page for SMRT ADL E500 MMC, like Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 MMC. There's already both Alexander Dennis Enviro500 and Alexander Dennis Enviro500 (BSEP) pages existed in sgWiki, whereby the admins can only edit that particular page.
SMB1341U (talk) 12:30, 03/06/2014 (SGT)

Please refrain from creating duplicate pages as there is a page existed in sgWiki.
You can refer to the existing page here. Alexander Dennis Enviro500.


--Apex-LW'21 (talk) 19:45, 19 June 2014 (SGT)

Note About Editing Deployments

Please do not fit in deployments that you are not even sure of. How could 3400K be deployed to Svc 69 if there is no notice of a BSEP fleet add?

Services 74 and 147/A

Hi SBS3004X,

Thnank you for that information. If you would like, here is the information for Short-Trip 147A from my last observation:

  • First Bus - SBS3000G [BBDEP]
  • Second Bus - SBS3851S (not confirmed for perm) [BBDEP]
  • Third Bus - SG5325T [HGDEP]
  • Fourth Bus - SBS7321D (not confirmed for perm) [HGDEP]
  • Fifth Bus - SBS3883A [BBDEP]
  • Sixth Bus - SG5327M [BBDEP]
  • Seventh Bus - SG5325T [HGDEP]
  • Last Bus - SBS7392Z [HGDEP]

These were as per what I last observed. Other than SBS3000G and SG5325T, I have not really checked on the other buses, in particular SBS7392Z which I have not observed in quite a while.

So far I have seen SBS5229B on 116A in the earlier days and SBS8433H on 116A 2 months ago. I have not noticed 116A since.

Hope it helps.


Re: SBS8695T & Service 165

Hi SBS3004X,

I do not think that SBS8695T went to BBDEP at all.

I think maybe SBS7679Y could be just replacing a HGDEP bus temporarily in this instance. But you have to really see its duty sheet to better understand.

Hope that helps. Thank you for your concern.