Bus-Plus Bus Deployments

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Bus model Registration no.
Dennis Lance 211 PA639M, PA648L, PA649J, PA669B, PA715B, PA716Z
Dennis Lance 245 PA644Y, PA2020J, PA2022D, PA2054L, PA2058B, PA2063K, PA4076K
Golden Dragon XML6701J18 PA9806M, PC439M, PC1092Y
Golden Dragon XML6770J18 PC1207J
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter PA7832A, PA7857D, PA7865E, PA7893Z, PA7970J, PA7992X, PA8015K
Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa PA1848U, PA1850L, PA2464L, PA2616R, PA2619H, PA2791S, PA2867H, PA9595X, PA9614A, PC559A, PC1558X, PC1722M, PC1752B, PC1784J, PC2133G, PC2141H, PC2165P, PC2167J, PC2193H, PC2197Y, PC2236T, PC2264L, PC2285B, PC2297S, PC2302K, PC2313D, PC2321E, PC2324Y, PC2327P, PC2330D, PC2337K, PC2340A, PC2363J, PC2385X, PC2401H, PC2416R, PC2433R, PC2438C, PC2520Y, PC3117Y, PC3139J, PC3161T, PC3235P, PC3259X, PC3427C, PC3469G, PC3663L, PC3705A, PC4107U, PC4293P, PC4312T, PC4326D, PC4337Y, PC4484E, PC4649Y, PC4955M
Toyota Coaster PH2185E – PH2191L, PH2193G – PH2200U, PH2290J – PH2310K, PH2525H – PH2529Y, PH2671T, PH2673M

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