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Deyi Secondary School is a government mixed secondary school located in Ang Mo Kio, Singapore. Founded in 1980 with 633 students, Deyi Secondary (then Teck Ghee Secondary) is remarked for its Niche Development in Performing Arts. An Aesthetics Development Programme (ADP) forms part of the niche development, which resulted the Direct School Admission (DSA) status. This allows students, both local and abroad, talented in performing arts to be admitted into the school.

Deyi's address is 1 Ang Mo Kio Street 42, and the nearest MRT station is Ang Mo Kio. There are about 1,200 students.

The Principal is Mrs Linda Chan, and the Vice-Principals are Mdm V.Priya Rajan and Mr Kevin Lim HockChye.

The school has attained DSA (Direct School Admission) status for niche in Performing Arts. All lower secondary students have drama and dance modules woven into the curriculum. There is a Talent Development programme leading to accreditation for performing arts students in collaboration with reputable institutions. There is also a strong focus on character development programme including leadership training, values education, career seminar and outdoor adventure camps.



The current Principal of Deyi Secondary School is Mrs Linda Chan (2009 - present). She assumed the post after leaving Crescent Girls' School as Vice-Principal. Her predecessor Mrs Grace Chua later took up the post as Principal of Clementi Town Secondary School.

Past Principals:

  • Wu Tat Huan (1980 - 1981)
  • Choy Say Chin (1981 - 1990)
  • Goh Hwee Choo (1991 - 1995)
  • Helen Choo Chieh Chen (1995 - 1997)
  • Esther Mok (1997 - 1999)
  • Yap Wah Choo (1999 - 2003)
  • Grace Chua (2003 - 2009)
  • Mrs Linda Chan (2009 - Present)

The school was officially opened on 5 May 1982 by Mr Lee Yock Suan, then Member of Parliament for Cheng San Constituency. In line with the use of hanyupinyin, the school took on Deyi as the official name of the school in 1981. The school moved into its new premises on 24 June 2002 which were officially opened by Mr Tharman Shamugaratnam, then Minister of Education, on 20 May 2005.

Co-curricular Activities

Deyi Secondary has a significant Co-curricular Activities (CCA) programme, with a total of about twenty CCAs, consisting of sports groups, uniformed groups, musical groups, clubs and societies.

The school's performing arts have earned top places in several inter-school competitions, excel in English Drama, Movement and Dance, Military Band and Choir.

The Military Band has won the Gold with honours, Best Drum Major and Best display band of the year in 2008 and 2010.

List Of Co-Curricular Activities:

Uniform Groups Arts & Aesthetic Clubs & Societies Sports & Games Student Leadership
St.John Ambulance Brigade Art Club PAYM Service Learning Club Soccer (Boys) Student Council
National Cadet Corps English Drama Club Ideas Club Soccer (Girls) Class Executive Committee (CEC)
National Police Cadet Corps Choir Outdoor Adventure Club (ODAC) Basketball (Boys)
Girl Guides Military Band IT Club Basketball (Girls)
Symphonic Band Track & Field
Indian Cultural Club Badminton
Malay Cultural Club
Movement & Dance


Corporal punishment (caning) (for boys only) is always given across the student's buttocks, typically two strokes. Offences for which Deyi students are caned include smoking, vulgarity, fighting, and bringing pornography to school. The discipline is usually administered either in front of the whole school, or part of the school (all of Sec1 and 2, or all of Sec3 and 4, as appropriate), or just in front of the boy's own classmates.

Often caning is combined with detention or suspension. In the case of corporal punishment combined with suspension, the student will generally receive his caning on returning to school at the end of the period of suspension.

In many cases the punishment is inflicted by Mr Wilson Lee (PE teacher).

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