SMRT Bus Deployments

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Bus model Registration no. WAB
DAF SB220 TIB675K - TIB724C
MAN NL323F (Batch 1) SMB138Y, SMB189A - SMB354P Handicapped/disabled access
MAN NL323F (Batch 2) SMB1301K - SMB1420A
MAN NL323F (Batch 3) SMB1421Y - SMB1530R
MAN NL323F (BSEP Batch 1) SMB3001M - SMB3034T
MAN NL323F (BSEP Batch 2) SMB3035R - SMB3116R
Mercedes-Benz O405 (Hispano OAC) TIB425R - TIB561E, TIB572Z - TIB634D, TIB798P - TIB832Z
Mercedes-Benz O405 (Hispano CAC) TIB725A - TIB797S
Mercedes-Benz O405 (Volgren) TIB958U - TIB972C
Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro SMB136C, SMB139U - SMB188C Handicapped/disabled access
Mercedes-Benz OC500LE SMB1H - SMB134H
Scania L113CRL (Walter Alexander Strider) TIB562C - TIB571B, TIB635B - TIB674M


Bus model Registration no. WAB
Alexander Dennis Enviro500 SMB5001A - SMB5023L Handicapped/disabled access
Alexander Dennis Enviro500 (BSEP) SMB3501L - SMB3556D
MAN A95 SMB5888H

Bendy buses

Bus model Registration no. WAB
MAN NG363F SMB388S Handicapped/disabled access
Mercedes-Benz O405G (Hispano MK1) TIB838H, TIB849B - TIB904A
Mercedes-Benz O405G (Hispano MK2) TIB973A - TIB1001Z
Mercedes-Benz O405G (Hispano Habit) TIB1019Z - TIB1023K, TIB1025E - TIB1177A, TIB1198P - TIB1247G
Mercedes-Benz O405G (Volgren) TIB1024H, TIB1178Y - TIB1197S

Private Hire buses

Bus model Registration no.
Dennis Lance 211 PA639M, PA648L, PA649J, PA669B, PA715B, PA716Z
Dennis Lance 245 PA644Y, PA2020J, PA2022D, PA2054L, PA2058B, PA2063K, PA4076K

Bus-Plus buses

Bus model Registration no.
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter PA7832A, PA7857D, PA7865E, PA7893Z, PA7970J, PA7992X, PA8015K
Mitsubishi Rosa PA1848U, PA1850L, PA2464L, PA2616R, PA2619H, PA2867H, PC2438C
Toyota Coaster PH2185E - PH2191L, PH2193G - PH2200U, PH2290J - PH2310K, PH2525H - PH2529Y, PH2671T - PH2673M

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