SMRT Bus Deployments

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Bus model Registration no. WAB
DAF SB220 TIB675K - TIB724C
MAN NL323F (Batch 1) SMB138Y, SMB189A - SMB354P Handicapped/disabled access
MAN NL323F (Batch 2) SMB1301K - SMB1420A
MAN NL323F (Batch 3) SMB1421Y - SMB1650C
MAN NL323F (Batch 1 BSEP) SMB3001M - SMB3034T
MAN NL323F (Batch 2 BSEP) SMB3035R - SMB3116R
MAN NL323F (Batch 3 BSEP) SMB3117M - SMB3144J
Mercedes-Benz O405 (Hispano OAC) TIB425R - TIB561E, TIB572Z - TIB634D, TIB798P - TIB832Z
Mercedes-Benz O405 (Volgren) TIB958U - TIB972C
Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro SMB136C, SMB139U - SMB188C Handicapped/disabled access
Mercedes-Benz OC500LE SMB1H - SMB134H


Bus model Registration no. WAB
Alexander Dennis Enviro500 SMB5001A - SMB5085H Handicapped/disabled access
Alexander Dennis Enviro500 (BSEP) SMB3501L - SMB3613Y
MAN A95 SMB5888H - SMB5896J

Articulated buses

Bus model Registration no. WAB
MAN NG363F SMB388S, SMB8001E - SMB8039Y Handicapped/disabled access
Mercedes-Benz O405G (Hispano Citaro) TIB973A - TIB1001Z
Mercedes-Benz O405G (Hispano Habit) TIB1019Z - TIB1023K, TIB1025E - TIB1177A, TIB1198P - TIB1247G
Mercedes-Benz O405G (Volgren) TIB1024H, TIB1178Y - TIB1197S

Private Hire buses

Bus model Registration no.
Dennis Lance 211 PA639M, PA648L, PA649J, PA669B, PA715B, PA716Z
Dennis Lance 245 PA644Y, PA2020J, PA2022D, PA2054L, PA2058B, PA2063K, PA4076K

Bus-Plus buses

Bus model Registration no.
Golden Dragon XML6701J18 PA9806M, PA9895E, PC439M, PC1092Y
Golden Dragon XML6770J18 PC1205P, PC1207J
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter PA7832A, PA7857D, PA7865E, PA7893Z, PA7970J, PA7992X, PA8015K
Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa PA1848U, PA1850L, PA2464L, PA2616R, PA2619H, PA2791S, PA2867H, PA5688M, PA9915G, PC1558X, PC1752B, PC1784J, PC2133G, PC2141H, PC2165P, PC2167J, PC2193H, PC2197Y, PC2236T, PC2264L, PC2285B, PC2297S, PC2302K, PC2313D, PC2324Y, PC2327P, PC2337K, PC2340A, PC2385X, PC2416R, PC2433R, PC2438C, PC2782H, PC3117Y, PC3139J, PC3161T, PC3235P, PC3259X, PC3663L
Toyota Coaster PA7762T, PH2185E - PH2191L, PH2193G - PH2200U, PH2290J - PH2310K, PH2525H - PH2529Y, PH2671T, PH2673M

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