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sgWiki Trains is the least active section in sgWiki. However, it is the most informative section in sgWiki. Unlike sgWiki Buses, there is nothing much to edit and a few rules apply.

Trains Deployment

Trains are usually deployed based on fixed depots. With the exception of some lines, such as North South Line and East West Line. Therefore, it is not required to be updated frequently based on depot.

Template Guide

To update the train deployment page, you are required to know which template to use when defining a train set.
Template:T/1 - Trains which have not undergone refurbishment.
Template:T/2 - Trains which have completed refurbishment.
Template:T/0 - New Trains which have not been in service.
Template:T/-1 - Trains which are no longer in use.

All templates above are interchangeable with an exception to Template:T/2 and Template:T/-1 which features a different formatting. To prevent formatting error, please refrain from using mixed templates in fleet deployment pages.

The syntax for all templates are generally the same.

Syntax (with Advertisement)

{{[Template Name] |#= [Train Set] |1= [Year in Service] |2= [Year Constructed] |3= [Year Refurbished] |D = [Depot] |Ad1= [Advertisement Colour] |Ad2= [Advertisment Name] }}

Syntax (without Advertisement)

{{[Template Name] |#= [Train Set] |1= [Year in Service] |2= [Year Constructed] |3= [Year Refurbished] |D = [Depot] }}

Year Refurbished is only available in Template:T/2.

Year in Service

Editors should only enter the year it first perform revenue service when using this template. If the new trains have yet to enter service, editors must use Template:T/0 and leave this blank. If the trains are no longer in use, editors must use Template:T/-1 and enter the year it first serviced and the year it last serviced.

Year Constructed

Editors must enter the 4 digit years found on builder plate (usually located at both ends of train). Usually, the year is identical to the year when the train is spotted in Singapore.


When using Template:T/1 or Template:T/2, omit the last D under the Depot as the Template will automatically added in for you. E.g. Type 'BS' instead of 'BSD' for Bishan Depot.

Train Advertisements

When updating train advertisements, editors must include the organisations and/or the name of the advertisement. It should be formatting with the colour scheme of where the advertisements are found.

In-Train Panel Advertisements which do not have a common advertisement of the same company should not be listing under the advertisement columns.

If there are no advertisement(s) on the train, either "N/A" or blank should be inserted. If you are using the template, just end the template after typing the Depot by inserting "}}". The template will automatically insert "N/A" for you.

Operator & Lines Template

All sgWiki Operators and Lines Template are in abbreviation eg: SBST - SBS Transit.

A non-abbreviation template are used in Navbox Template.


sgWiki Trains uses redirect often for short-linkage. Examples are C151B, C830C etc.

sgWiki Trains also uses redirect for branch extension. Examples are Changi Airport Extension, Circle Line Extension


sgWiki Trains was first formatted according to Wikipedia to make it much more informative. However, the recent spam/vandalism in Wikipedia had proven that sgWiki Trains have better quality controls and more reliable sources as all content had been cross-referenced before copying and formatting from Wikipedia.

However, recent changes in Wikipedia had been a direct copy from sgWiki, and information had been copied over from here by a well-known banned user: TimothyHouse1.