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Warning Point (31 May 2019)
You have committed the follow offense that may warrant an immediate ban: Disruptive Editing (20 Counts).

138A edits

Hi ImNotARogue,

Thanks for your recent edits for me. I was actually going to edit the rest after I had my lunch haha. But thanks a lot!


Re: SBS6881

what make you think that 6881 is adless and lush green? the bus was doing 70 at 7pm with the ad.. so do you mean it have become lush green in 3 hours time?


Did you spot wrongly? There are a few bus fans who spotted it adless in green on 25 September when it was doing 130.

Re: SBS6881

definitely never spot wrongly. saw it once at YCK int at 6pm and again at 7.10pm at AMK Ave 9 (after doing downroute) yesterday. obviously SEDEP only have one Salesforce ad SBST livery citaro.. the other salesforce ad citaro is on 76 yesterday.

the person who edit it to adless Did NOT edit it to Lush Green.

UPDATE: 2.25PM. 6881 with salesforce ad/SBST livery will reach Shenton way ter at 230pm. feel free to verify at your end.