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==Main Event==
==Main Event==
{|class='wikitable' style='width:300'
{|class='wikitable' style='width:300'
!width=150|Event!!width=150|Date<ref>[//www.eld.gov.sg/elections_past_parliamentary.html "PARLIAMENTARY GENERAL ELECTION RESULTS"]. Elections Department.</ref>
|Nomination day||25 October 2001
|Nomination day||25 October 2001
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!rowspan=2|Popular vote
!rowspan=2|Popular vote<ref>[//www.eld.gov.sg/elections_past_parliamentary2001.html "2001 PARLIAMENTARY GENERAL ELECTION RESULTS"]. Elections Department.</ref>
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{{GE Party Table|bg=#FFFFFF|party={{Code|1|PAST|PAP}} People's Action Party|leader=Goh Chok Tong|contest=84|won=82|vote=470,765|ratio=75.29|fc=#0A0|swing=▲ 10.31}}
{{GE Party Table|bg=#FFFFFF|party=People's Action Party (PAP)|leader=Goh Chok Tong|contest=84|won=82|vote=470,765|ratio=75.29|fc=#0A0|swing=▲ 10.31}}
{{GE Party Table|bg=#CB00CC|party={{Code|1|PAST|SDA}} Singapore Democratic Alliance|leader=Chiam See Tong|contest=13|won=1|vote=75,248|ratio=12.03|swing=New}}
{{GE Party Table|bg=#CB00CC|party=Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA)|leader=Chiam See Tong|contest=13|won=1|vote=75,248|ratio=12.03|swing=New}}
{{GE Party Table|bg=#EE0000|party={{Code|1|PAST|WP}} Workers' Party|leader=Low Thia Khiang|contest=2|won=1|vote=19,060|ratio=3.05|fc=#F00|swing=▼ 11.12}}
{{GE Party Table|bg=#EE0000|party=Workers' Party (WP)|leader=Low Thia Khiang|contest=2|won=1|vote=19,060|ratio=3.05|fc=#F00|swing=▼ 11.12}}
{{GE Party Table|bg=#BC0001|party={{Code|1|PAST|SDP}} Singapore Democratic Party|leader=Chee Soon Juan|contest=11|won=0|vote=50,607|ratio=8.09|fc=#F00|swing=▼ 2.53}}
{{GE Party Table|bg=#BC0001|party=Singapore Democratic Party (SDP)|leader=Chee Soon Juan|contest=11|won=0|vote=50,607|ratio=8.09|fc=#F00|swing=▼ 2.53}}
{{GE Party Table|bg=#FF9900|party={{Code|1|PAST|DPP}} Democratic Progressive Party|leader=Tan Soo Phuan|contest=2|won=0|vote=5,334|ratio=0.85|fc=#0A0|swing=▲ 0.15}}
{{GE Party Table|bg=#FF9900|party=Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)|leader=Tan Soo Phuan|contest=2|won=0|vote=5,334|ratio=0.85|fc=#0A0|swing=▲ 0.15}}
{{GE Party Table|party=Independent(s)|leader=N/A|contest=2|won=0|vote=4,253|ratio=0.68|swing=N/A}}
{{GE Party Table|party=Independent(s)|leader=N/A|contest=2|won=0|vote=4,253|ratio=0.68|swing=N/A}}
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Main Event[edit]

Event Date[1]
Nomination day 25 October 2001
Polling day 3 November 2001

Electoral Boundaries[edit]

5-Members Group Representative Constituency

6-Members Group Representative Constituency

Changes in boundaries
Constituency Changes
Aljunied GRC Absorbed part of Punggol divisions from Cheng San GRC, part of Pasir Ris GRC
Kampong Kembangan division was split into Aljunied-Kembangan and Kembangan-Punggol divisions
Punggol South division was renamed to Aljunied–Hougang
Carved out Changi-Simei division to East Coast GRC
Carved out Aljunied division to Marine Parade GRC
Ang Mo Kio GRC Absorbed Cheng San and Jalan Kayu divisions from Cheng San GRC
Ang Mo Kio division was absorbed into Teck Ghee and Yio Chu Kang divisions
East Coast GRC Absorbed Changi-Simei division from Aljunied GRC
Carved out Joo Chiat division into Joo Chiat SMC
Holland–Bukit Panjang GRC Formed with Ulu Pandan, Bukit Panjang and Buona Vista divisions from Bukit Timah GRC, Sembawang GRC and Tanjong Pagar GRC respectively
Bukit Panjang divisions was split to include Cashew and Zhenghua divisions
Part of Zhenghua division was split from Tanglin division
Hong Kah GRC Absorbed Bukit Gombak SMC, part of Chua Chu Kang SMC
Carved out Hong Kah East division to Jurong GRC
Hong Kah West was merged into Nanyang division
Jalan Besar GRC Absorbed Kampong Glam SMC, Kreta Ayer and Kim Seng divisions from Kreta Ayer–Tanglin GRC
Geylang West division was absorbed into Kolam Ayer and Jalan Besar divisions
Jurong GRC Formed from most of Bukit Timah GRC and Hong Kah East division from Hong Kah GRC
Jurong division was split into Pioneer and Taman Jurong divisions
Bukit Batok East division was formed from portions of Bukit Batok, Bukit Gombak & Bukit Timah divisions
Pasir Ris–Punggol GRC Formed from part of Punggol divisions of Cheng San GRC and most of Pasir Ris GRC
Sembawang GRC Carved out Nee Soon East division into Nee Soon East SMC
Carved out Bukit Panjang division into Holland–Bukit Panjang GRC
Sembawang and Woodlands division were split to include Canberra and Admiralty divisions respectively
Tampines GRC Absorbed Pasir Ris South division from Pasir Ris GRC
Tanjong Pagar GRC Absorbed Moulmein and Tanglin divisions from Kreta Ayer–Tanglin GRC
Carved out Buona Vista division to Holland–Bukit Panjang GRC
Leng Kee division was absorbed into Queenstown, Radin Mas and Tanglin-Cairnhill divisions
West Coast GRC Absorbed Boon Lay SMC and part of Bukit Timah GRC
Pasir Panjang division was dissolved into Telok Blangah and West Coast divisions


Parties and alliances Leader Seats Popular vote[2] % ±
Contested Won
People's Action Party (PAP) Goh Chok Tong 84 82 470,765 75.29 ▲ 10.31
Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA) Chiam See Tong 13 1 75,248 12.03 New
Workers' Party (WP) Low Thia Khiang 2 1 19,060 3.05 ▼ 11.12
Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) Chee Soon Juan 11 0 50,607 8.09 ▼ 2.53
Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Tan Soo Phuan 2 0 5,334 0.85 ▲ 0.15
Independent(s) N/A 2 0 4,253 0.68 N/A
Electorate 2,036,923
Walkover 1,361,617
Total Votes cast 638,903 94.61
Valid Votes 625,267 97.87


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