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|B||{{STN|L|Choa Chu Kang}} ► {{STN|L|Petir}} ► {{STN|L|Senja}} ► {{STN|L|Choa Chu Kang}}||
|B||{{STN|L|Choa Chu Kang}} ► {{STN|L|Petir}} ► {{STN|L|Senja}} ► {{STN|L|Choa Chu Kang}}||
|C||{{STN|L|Ten Mile Junction}} ► {{STN|L|Senja}} ► {{STN|L|Petir}} ► {{STN|L|Ten Mile Junction}}||Operates 20 minutes for each train
|C||{{STN|L|Ten Mile Junction}} ► {{STN|L|Senja}} ► {{STN|L|Petir}} ► {{STN|L|Ten Mile Junction}}||Operates only at selected timings.

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Bukit Panjang LRT (BPLRT) is the first Light Rail Transit (LRT) line. Traveling one loop takes about 30 minutes. The line is currently 7.8 km long with 14 stations and it is fully automated. The project was contracted to Adtranz, Keppel Corporation and Gammon Construction.


Initial System
6 November 1999 Template:STN - Template:STN
10 December 2010 Service C was withdrawn due to redevelopment of Ten Mile Junction.
30 December 2011 Service C resumed its service after Junction 10 shopping mall was re-opened.


Station Name Notes
Bukit Panjang LRT Line
BP1NS24 Template:STN Terminus
Interchange with North South Line
BP2 Template:STN
BP3 Template:STN
BP4 Template:STN
BP5 Template:STN
BP6DT1 Template:STN Interchange with Downtown Line
BP7 Template:STN
BP8 Template:STN
BP9 Template:STN
BP10 Template:STN
BP11 Template:STN
BP12 Template:STN
BP13 Template:STN
BP14 Template:STN Terminus


Service Route Notes
A Template:STNTemplate:STNTemplate:STNTemplate:STN
B Template:STNTemplate:STNTemplate:STNTemplate:STN
C Template:STNTemplate:STNTemplate:STNTemplate:STN Operates only at selected timings.

Rolling stock

The rolling stock consists of Bombardier INNOVIA C801 and Bombardier INNOVIA C801A trains. These trains operate from Ten Mile Junction Depot near Ten Mile Junction station. The Ten Mile Junction Depot has maintenance and train overhaul facilities for trains along the Bukit Panjang LRT Line.


Light Rail Transit [ VTE ]
Lines Bukit Panjang LRTSengkang LRTPunggol LRT
Rolling Stocks C801C801A • C801B • C810C810A
Depots SengkangTen Mile Junction
Template:Railway Lines in Singapore
Bukit Panjang LRT [ VTE ]
Stations Choa Chu KangSouth ViewKeat HongTeck WhyePhoenixBukit PanjangPetirPendingBangkitFajarSegarJelapangSenja
Former: Ten Mile Junction
Rolling Stock C801C801AC801B
Depots Ten Mile Junction