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Form Holdings Limited was a publisher, retailer, and distributor of music, music videos and direct-to-video programmes, headquartered in Singapore and with offices in Malaysia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. It was listed on the SESDAQ. Form was founded by Ang Choon Beng alias Ang Siong Kiat, who was also the executive producer of all series in Chinese.[1]

Form Holdings is also known for their series of children's educational programmes made in the 1990s, which include the Mental Arithmetic series, the ABC English for Children series and many others. All these were published under the Form Records, Form Kidz, and Form Music Publication labels.

The cast of these programmes included Channel 8 actors and actresses like Chen Liping, Huang Wenyong, Emily Yeo, and Jaslyn Theen, and child actors from the era like Darence Ang, Koay Jing Li, and David Tham, amongst others. However, like in most Channel 8 shows in the 1990s, their voices were mostly dubbed over by TCS dubbing artistes. Exceptions include the Mental Arithmetic series and its spin-off videos.

The producer for many of these series was Ang Hung Lin, who was also producer for the movies Nobody's Child and Missing You.... Both Ang Hung Lin and Ang Choon Beng left Form Records and founded Innoform Media in the early 2000s.

As of 2019, only the Malaysian subsidiary, Form Records (M) Sdn Bhd, based in Kuala Lumpur, survives. Form Holdings Limited has since been repurposed as a holding company for a membrane manufacturer.


Darence Ang sung the theme and interlude songs for many of these series, until around 1996 or 1997. Some of these songs were later compiled into an album, released in 1997.

ABC English for Children (1992 - 1996)

Probably the most well-known Form publication, this series starred Chen Liping as the teacher and ran to 6 volumes. Some volumes were also available in English, Cantonese, and Malay dubs. A seventh volume under the same name, unrelated to the rest of the series, was produced by Form Records (M) Sdn Bhd in 2005.

Volumes released
Title Year of release
Vol 1 1992 (estimated)
Vol 2 1993 (estimated)
Vol 3 1994 (estimated)
Vol 4 1995 (estimated)
Vol 5 1996
Vol 6 1997 (estimated)

At the Bird Park

An alien which looks like a bird suddenly hatches from an egg. The Little Professor and his friends visit Jurong Birdpark to help the alien find its mother.

Character Actor Notes
Little Professor Darence Ang
Alien Baby Lin Xuan
Aladdin Feng Xingzheng
Little Soldier Lin Xingting
Little Princess Lu Peiying
Xiao Hui Jing Chen Ling
Xiao Fei Xia Anthony Chen

At the Zoo I & II (1993, 1995)

At the Zoo I Cast
Character Actor Notes
Princess Jaslyn Theen
Witch Chen Weili
Little Siblings Darence Ang
Feng Xingzheng
Hong Junrui
Shen Mingjun
Hong Zhihao
Lu Peiying
David Tham
At the Zoo II Cast
Character Actor Notes
Hui Gu Niang Emily Yeo
Hui Gu Niang's Mother May Teo
Mushrooms Hong Junrui
Lin Yuting
Feng Xingzheng
Lu Peiying
Qiu Xiuping
Lin Xuan
Darence Ang

Children Educational Videos (around 1995)

A two-disc compilation of musicals based on tales like Aesop's fables, Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales, and Chinese folk tales like Tadpoles Looking for their Mama. The musicals were filmed in China, and mostly starred Chinese actors and actresses, although Singaporean child actor Darence Ang appeared in a few of these videos.

No. Title Notes
1 The Little Duck
2 Little Bear's Visitors
3 The Arrogant Rooster
4 None Likely skipped due to superstition.
5 The Shy Little Oriole
6 The Smart Alec Kitten
7 The Tortoise and the Hare Based on Aesop's fable.
8 Tadpoles Looking for their Mama
10 The Golden Axe An alternative title for Aesop's fable, The Honest Woodcutter.
11 The Rabbit Catcher
12 Unity is Strength Starring Darence Ang.
13 The Boy Who Cried Wolf Starring Darence Ang. Based on Aesop's fable.
14 The Pious Children Starring Darence Ang.
15 The Little Match Girl Based on Hans Christian Andersen's tale.
16 Little Bear's Visitors
17 The Little Green Frog
18 Party in the Forest Starring Darence Ang.
19 Three Little Pigs Starring Darence Ang.

Children's Songs and Riddles (1994)

Character Actor Notes
Teacher Emily Yeo
Mother Song Lihua
Linda Lin Xuan
Bang Te Darence Ang

Do You Know Why? (1995)

A group of children accidentally knock over a treasure pot belonging to Knowledge Country. As a punishment, they are tasked with finding the other remaining pot, which is in the hands of King Ironhook. Along the way, the children must answer general trivia questions.

Amanda Lian appears during some intermissions, explaining the answers to some of these questions.

Character Actor Notes
Knowledge Angel Michelle Chia
Big Brother Wang Qiaowang
Big Cow Hong Junrui
Big Panda Chen Liru
Superstar Zeng Weijing
Little Imp Lin Kai-er
Clueless Lin Yuru
Innocent Feng Xingzheng
Little Cutie Bobo Liew
King Ironhook Chen Weili
Protector Goddess Katherine No Chinese name given
King Ironhook's Henchman Darence Ang

Mental Arithmetic (1995, 1998)

Unlike ABC English for Children, the character Miss Lian is played by an actual teacher, Amanda Lian who is director of her own Maths enrichment centre. The series ran to 3 volumes.

Volume 1 Cast
Character Actor Notes
Ms Lian Amanda Lian
Store Manager Chen Zhonghua
Child Prodigy Fann Woon Qing
Child Prodigy's Mother May Teo
Clown Chen Jiaming
Volume 2 Cast
Character Actor Notes
Ms Lian Amanda Lian
Ling Ling Lin Yuru
Xiao Ming Darence Ang
Ling Ling's Father Yang Rongxiang
Uncle Wang Chen Zhonghua
Uncle Wang's Friend Yan Liangcheng

Enhance Your IQ (1997)

A spin-off video, where the focus is on solving logic puzzles. The park scenes were filmed in Nee Soon Central Community Park (then known as Yishun Central Park).

Character Actor Notes
Ms Lian Amanda Lian
IQ Professor Yein Pah Yuen
Robber A Lin Xinghong
Robber B Ng Kin Wah
Xiao Qiang David Tham
Xiao Pang Hong Junrui
Xiao Li Wang Ruixian Credited as Huang Ruixian
Xiao Ling Huang Wanzhen
Xiao Mi Su Shiyi
Bo Bo Zhang Weiling
Boy at park 1 Darence Ang

Memory Booster (1997)

Character Actor Notes
Ms Lian Amanda Lian
Mr Very Good Jimmy "MC King" Nah
Xiao Qiang David Tham
Xiao Pang Hong Junrui
Xiao Li Wang Ruixian Credited as Huang Ruixian
Xiao Ling Huang Wanzhen
Xiao Mi Su Shiyun
Bo Bo Zhang Weiling

Primary Composition (1997)

Two educational videos targeted at Primary 4 and Primary 6 students respectively, which gave tips on writing Chinese compositions.

Primary 4 Cast
Character Actor Notes
Mei's Mother Zheng Yuechan
Ming's Mother Kwan Seck Mui
Ming Ming Wang Ruixian
Mei Mei Bobo Liew
Shan Shan Jian Jingya
Teacher Huang Taijie
Primary 6 Cast
Character Actor Notes
Teacher A Huang Taijie
Teacher B Christine Kee Chiew Hiang
Gang's Father Kwek Hock Choon
Granny He Li Juan
Xiao Gang Darence Ang
Gang Koay Jing Li
Gang's Brother Dexter Ang
Students Huang Wanzhen
Zheng Xupeng
Zhang Weiling
Jasline Ang
Fu Ziquan
Huang Yaosheng
Zhang Yanwei

Say It, It's Easy (1996)

Published by Form Music Publications. Unlike ABC English for Children this programme focused more on English phonics, and none of the children were trained actors. The show's host is John "JC" Cunningham, who is a speech and drama teacher in real life as well.

Some of the songs used are adaptations of songs featured in an episode of Barney and the Backyard Gang, Rock with Barney.

List of songs
Barney song Adapted song Notes
Barney and the Backyard Gang Song of the Junglebird
Tingalayo Chingalaya (Listen to Word Sounds)
Down by the Bay Down by the Beach
Boom, Boom Ain't It Great To Be Crazy Boom, Boom, Say It It's Easy
Six Little Ducks Six Kiddie Pirates

The opening theme is also a rearranged version of an instrumental background track heard in What a Wonderful World.

Ten Brothers (1995)

Based on the Chinese legend. Three quarrelsome brothers are joined by the children of their parents' friends and neighbours. They don't get along, until an Ah Long nearly kidnaps one of them and they're forced to band together to use their "powers" for good when a second kidnap attempt succeeds.

Huang, Lee, and Darence Ang's voices were not replaced by dubbing artistes, although their dialogue appears to have been re-recorded. Ten Brothers did not follow the format of most Form Record productions, as it was more dramatic in style rather than educational.

Some scenes were filmed at Blk 318 Bukit Batok Street 32.

This video was released on laserdisc, VCD, and video cassette.[2]

Character Actor Notes
Uncle Hua Huang Wenyong
Auntie Hua Betty Lee Sit Fung
Qiqi's Father Tony Kim
Qiqi's Mother May Teo
Er Gu Cai Pingkai Cameo
First Brother Koay Jing Li
Second Brother Darence Ang
Third Brother Hong Junrui
Fourth Brother Huang Zongren
Fifth Brother Feng Xingzheng
Sixth Brother Liu Hanyi
Qiqi (Seventh Brother) Cao Xuemei
Eighth Brother Feng Ziliang
Ninth Brother Qing Zhixian
Tenth Brother David Tham
Chen Jin Shui and wife Mr and Mrs Alan Wong Parents of the 4th, 5th, and 6th brothers.
Uncle De Quek Chin Chuan Father of the 8th, 9th, and 10th brothers.
Auntie De Tan Siew Choo Mother of the 8th, 9th, and 10th brothers.

What a Wonderful World (1996)

While their parents go on holiday, four children are taken by a nanny on a tour of vegetable farms and more.

Character Actor Notes
Nanny Jaslyn Theen
Father Huang Wenyong
Mother Betty Lee Sit Fung
Nanny's Granny Yau Chung Chii
Da Bu Liang Chng Zhenzhi Nanny's Cousin
Xiao Bu Liang Koay Jing Li Nanny's Cousin
Da Fan Darence Ang
Er Fan Zeng Weijing
San Fan Feng Xingzheng
Xiao Fan Bobo Liew

Logo/introduction sequence

For most of its history, Form used the same introduction sequence featuring a yellow bird on a rainbow backdrop. Most of these videos had the version which used an instrumental excerpt from "Good Morning, Teacher". However, videos published by Form Music Publication (most were published by Form Records and some by Form Kidz) used a generic jingle instead.


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