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  • curprev 11:35, 25 February 2022Supernutorcrazy talk contribs 884 bytes +884 Created page with "{{Infobox/Train |Name=Hyundai Rotem CJ151 |Img= |Info1= <!--> {{Infoline|In service|2027 onwards}} <--> {{Infoline|Manufacturer|Hyundai Rotem}} {{Infoline|Origin| Changwon, South Korea}} <!--> {{Infoline|Constructed|2019 onwards}} <--> {{Infoline|Number Built|186 cars (62 Trains)}} |Info2= <!--> {{Infoline|Body Construction|Welded aluminium}} {{Infoline|Length|TBA}} {{Infoline|Width|TBA}} {{Infoline|Height|TBA}} <--> {{Infoline|Doors|1.5 m, 6 per car}} <!--> {..."