Low Soo Kiang

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L: 1995, in Tofu Street. R: 2012, in Timeless Love.

Low Soo Kiang (Chinese: 刘书强, Pinyin: Liú Shū Qiáng), also credited as Liu Yongqiang (Chinese: 刘永强, Pinyin: Liú Yǒng Qiáng), is a Singaporean actor.

Low has played several personality types over his career, but in the later part of his career he was typecast as a lecher or pervert, most notably in Nobody's Child where he acted as a child molesting, adulterous coffee shop owner.


Year Title Role Notes
1994 The Challenger Angry customer Episode 13
1996 Tofu Street Fat man in queue Episode 12
1997 Playing to Win Big Head Cai Recurring
The Other Parent Principal Ma Episode 5
Mirror of Life 2 Episode 4
2000 Four Walls and a Ceiling Huang Dayong Recurring
2002 I Not Stupid Mr Goh TV series
The Vagrant Ah Dong
2008 The Golden Path Fat man Episode 22
Year Title Role Notes
2001 I Not Stupid Angry parent
2003 Twilight Kitchen Qiang
2005 Nobody's Child Orbit
2006 Sorry Teacher Principal Liang
2007 20th Anniversary: Pak and His Travels Pak Short film, English speaking
Hard Boiled Eggs Father Short film
2008 Missing You Fatty Li
2012 Timeless Love Mr Yang