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|KJDEP 190

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Go-Ahead SG6092H (Service 62)


Operator(s) SBS Transit SMRT Buses Go-Ahead Tower Transit
Registration no. SG5921Y – SG5926J
SG5931T – SG5940S
SG5953E – SG5958S
SG5987H – SG5998B
SG6000Z – SG6005K
SG6041E – SG6047P
SG6052Z – SG6054T
SG6059E – SG6064P
SG6074K – SG6078A
SG6082L – SG6089T
SG6098S – SG6104H
SG6147J – SG6149D
SG6156H – SG6171M
SG5927G – SG5930X
SG5941P – SG5952H
SG5959P – SG5970E
SG5972A – SG5986K
SG6006H – SG6040H
SG6055R – SG6058H
SG6065L – SG6073M
SG6079Y – SG6081P
SG6107A – SG6112J
SG6114D – SG6146L
SG6150Z – SG6155K
SG6090M – SG6095A SG6105E
Vehicle make MAN
Vehicle manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus
Vehicle model ND323F (A95)
Vehicle bodywork MAN Lion's City DD
Vehicle bodywork assembler Gemilang Coachwork
Length 12m
Width 2.55m
Quantity 100 143 6 1
250 (Total)
Year 2018
Period of registration 22 May 2018 – 28 Feb 2020
Passenger capacity Seating (Upper deck): 57
Seating (Lower deck): 25
Standing: 57
Wheelchair bay: 2
Total: 139
Engine model MAN D 2066 LUH-58
Engine capacity 10518 cc
Emission standard Euro VI
Transmission model ZF EcoLife 6 AP 2000 B
Voith DIWA 864.6 (SG6029S)
Power/torque 320 hp (235 kW) @ 1900 rpm / 1600 Nm @ 1000 - 1400 rpm
Suspension system Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECS)
Braking system Electronic Braking System (EBS)
Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
Antriebsschlupfregelung (ASR) / Traction Control System (TCS)
Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)
Exhaust system MAN SCRT
MAN PURE DIESEL Technology (Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Technology)
MAN CRTec (Continuously Regenerating Trap (CRT))
MAN AdBlue (Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR))
Air-con model Denso
EDS model Gorba imotion LED.e TOPSMART
EDS controller model Luminator Basic
PIDS model LAWO INFOtainment
APCS model iris IRMA MATRIX (Entrance & exit doors)
Eurotech DynaPCN 10-20 (Above staircases)
Seat model Vogel Industrie System 750/3
Door model Masats
Additional features USB charging ports with covers
Seeing Machines Guardian Anti-Fatigue Driving System
Mobileye 630 Advanced Driver Assistance System (SG5921Y – SG5926J, SG5957U, SG5958S, SG5987H – SG5989C, SG5991U – SG5998B & SG6000Z – SG6005K)
TNT Surveillance T-FA Front Alert Camera
Singapore Technologies (ST) Kinetics Integrated Smart Advanced Warning Unit (I-SAW-U)
Larger EDS (SG5946B – SG5998B & SG6000Z – SG6171M)
Stroller restraint system
Additional hand grips
TNT Surveillance SAGE R-BASIC telematics system NEC telematics system GreenRoad telematics system N/A


SBS Transit

Registration no. Service
SG5921Y SEDEP 851e
SG5922U SEDEP 851e
SG5923S SEDEP 851e
SG5924P SEDEP 851e
SG5925L SEDEP 851e
SG5926J SEDEP 851e
SG5931T HGDEP 114
SG5932R HGDEP 89
SG5933M HGDEP 89
SG5934K HGDEP 89
SG5935H HGDEP 89
SG5936E HGDEP 89
SG5937C HGDEP 89
SG5938A HGDEP 161
SG5939Y HGDEP 161
SG5940S HGDEP 161
SG5953E BNDEP 37
SG5954C BNDEP 37
SG5955A HGDEP 117
SG5956Y HGDEP 117
SG5957U AMDEP 145
SG5958S AMDEP 145
SG5971C HGDEP 161
SG5987H UPDEP 198
SG5988E SEDEP 70
SG5989C SEDEP 71
SG5990Y SEDEP 70/70A*
SG5991U AMDEP 145
SG5992S AMDEP 145
SG5993P AMDEP 145
SG5994L UPDEP 198
SG5998B UPDEP 198
SG6000Z SEDEP 70
SG6004M HGDEP 671/80*//89
SG6005K HGDEP 671/80*//89
SG6041E AMDEP 50
SG6042C AMDEP 50
SG6043A HGDEP 117
SG6044Y HGDEP 117
SG6045U HGDEP 117
SG6046S HGDEP 117
SG6047P SLBP 157/154A*//174
SG6049J SEDEP 70
SG6050D SEDEP 70
SG6052Z SEDEP 70
SG6053X SEDEP 70
SG6054T SEDEP 70
SG6059E BNDEP 35
SG6060A BNDEP 23
SG6061Y BNDEP 31
SG6062U BRBP 31
SG6063S BNDEP 31
SG6064P BRBP 8
SG6074K BNDEP 30
SG6075H BNDEP 37
SG6076E BNDEP 37
SG6077C HGDEP 163
SG6078A HGDEP 80
SG6082L UPDEP 10
SG6083J BNDEP 37
SG6084G AMDEP 45
SG6085D BNDEP 30
SG6086B AMDEP 55/410W*
SG6087Z HGDEP 161
SG6088X HGDEP 163/163A*
SG6089T HGDEP 80
SG6098S BNDEP 168
SG6100T AMDEP 72
SG6101R AMDEP 72
SG6102M HGDEP 163
SG6103K BNDEP 109//7
SG6104H HGDEP 80
SG6113G AMDEP 59
SG6147J BNDEP 31
SG6156H BNDEP 31
SG6157E BNDEP 30
SG6158C AMDEP 25
SG6159A BRBP 8
SG6160U BNDEP 31/31A*
SG6161S BNDEP 23
SG6162P BRBP 8
SG6163L BNDEP 30
SG6164J BRBP 186//88
SG6166D BRBP 125//88
SG6168Z BRBP 88
SG6170R BNDEP 35
SG6171M BRBP 88

SMRT Buses

Registration no. Service Advertisement
SG5927G KJDEP 922 N/A
SG5928D KJDEP 922
SG5929B KJDEP 922 Mitsubishi Electric Asia - Mitsubishi Electric Starmex MSXY FN Series Wall Mounted Type Air-Conditioners: Quietest 19dB, Excellent Energy Savings, Easy To Clean! Easily Accessible Inner Vent. (14th Gen)
SG5930X KJDEP 922 SMRT Corporation - SMRT Bus Captain Careers: A Rewarding Career Is A Drive Away. Join Us As A Bus Captain. Apply Today! Come Onboard. A Journey That Matters. ✔ You Matter ✔ Your Work Matters ✔ Your Development Matters. www.smrt.com.sg. LinkedIn - SMRT Corporation Ltd.
SG5941P AMDEP 966 N/A
SG5942L AMDEP 857
SG5943J AMDEP 966
SG5944G WLDEP 964
SG5945D WLDEP 964
SG5946B AMDEP 857
SG5947Z KJDEP 176
SG5948X AMDEP 857
SG5949T KJDEP 61
SG5950M WLDEP 964
SG5951K WLDEP 913
SG5952H AMDEP 963
SG5959P KJDEP 991
SG5960J KJDEP 991
SG5961G KJDEP 991
SG5962D KJDEP 991
SG5963B AMDEP 969
SG5964Z AMDEP 969
SG5965X AMDEP 969
SG5966T WLDEP 960e
SG5967R WLDEP 960e
SG5968M WLDEP 960e
SG5969K WLDEP 960e
SG5970E WLDEP 960e
SG5972A AMDEP 857
SG5973Y AMDEP 857
SG5974U AMDEP 169
SG5975S KJDEP 180
SG5976P WLDEP 913
SG5977L AMDEP 169
SG5978J WLDEP 912B
SG5979G KJDEP 180
SG5980B AMDEP 969
SG5981Z KJDEP 61
SG5982X KJDEP 61
SG5983T WLDEP 913
SG5984R AMDEP 854
SG5985M WLDEP 913
SG5986K AMDEP 969
SG6006H AMDEP 969
SG6007E KJDEP 991
SG6008C KJDEP 991
SG6010U KJDEP 61
SG6011S KJDEP SP//300
SG6012P AMDEP 169
SG6013L AMDEP 169
SG6014J KJDEP 184
SG6015G KJDEP 184
SG6017B WLDEP 913
SG6018Z AMDEP 169/169A*
SG6019X AMDEP 169
SG6020R KJDEP 922
SG6021M KJDEP 922
SG6022K AMDEP 856
SG6023H AMDEP 856
SG6024E AMDEP 856
SG6026A WLDEP 911
SG6027Y AMDEP 965
SG6028U KJDEP 982E
SG6029S AMDEP 965
SG6030L WLDEP 961
SG6031J AMDEP 965
SG6032G WLDEP 964
SG6033D WLDEP 901
SG6034B WLDEP 961 Tiger Brokers: We Are 1! And We Will Keep Bringing Easy Investing To 1 And All. Download On The App Store & Get It On Google Play. We're Social! Like. Follow. Share.
SG6035Z WLDEP 912 N/A
SG6036X WLDEP 913
SG6037T AMDEP 856
SG6038R WLDEP 901M
SG6039M WLDEP 911
SG6040H WLDEP 912B
SG6048L WLDEP 964
SG6051B WLDEP 912
SG6055R AMDEP 169
SG6056M AMDEP 169
SG6057K AMDEP 169
SG6058H AMDEP 169
SG6065L AMDEP 854
SG6066J AMDEP 966
SG6067G AMDEP 966
SG6068D KJDEP 190
SG6069B AMDEP 856
SG6070X AMDEP 854/854e*
SG6071T AMDEP 966
SG6072R WLDEP 964
SG6073M KJDEP 190
SG6079Y AMDEP 169
SG6080S AMDEP 969
SG6081P AMDEP 969
SG6096Y AMDEP 856
SG6097U AMDEP 856
SG6107A WLDEP 964
SG6108Y WLDEP 964
SG6109U AMDEP 963
SG6110P WLDEP 901M
SG6111L WLDEP 901M
SG6112J WLDEP 901M
SG6114D WLDEP 903
SG6115B WLDEP 903
SG6116Z KJDEP 653//302
SG6117X KJDEP 971//302
SG6118T WLDEP 901M
SG6119R AMDEP 854
SG6121H KJDEP 180
SG6122E KJDEP 971
SG6123C WLDEP 912A
SG6124A WLDEP 912A
SG6125Y WLDEP 911
SG6126U WLDEP 901M
SG6127S WLDEP 913
SG6128P WLDEP 964
SG6129L WLDEP 913
SG6130G WLDEP 913
SG6131D WLDEP 913
SG6132B AMDEP 963
SG6133Z AMDEP 963
SG6134X AMDEP 963
SG6135T AMDEP 969
SG6136R AMDEP 969
SG6137M WLDEP 964
SG6138K AMDEP 969
SG6139H KJDEP 180
SG6140C WLDEP 964
SG6142Y KJDEP 982E
SG6143U WLDEP 903
SG6145P AMDEP 854
SG6146L WLDEP 964
SG6150Z WLDEP 964
SG6151X WLDEP 964
SG6152T AMDEP 969
SG6153R AMDEP 169/656*
SG6154M AMDEP 169/656*
SG6155K AMDEP 859


Registration no. Service

Tower Transit

Registration no. Service

Former deployments

Other information


AMDEP Ang Mo Kio Depot
BBDEP Bukit Batok Depot
BNDEP Bedok North Depot
BRBP Braddell Bus Park
HGDEP Hougang Depot
KJDEP Kranji Depot
LYDEP Loyang Depot
MDDEP Mandai Depot
SEDEP Seletar Depot
SLBP Soon Lee Bus Park
UPDEP Ulu Pandan Depot
WLDEP Woodlands Depot
SP Spare bus
* Crossover
// Secondary deployment
N/A Not available
(empty) Two-third (⅔) body ad with front one-third (⅓) of left & right sides left unwrapped (in previous body colour).
B: Ad covering entire rear.
L: Ad on nearside / left side. (Shared ad)
R: Ad on offside / right side. (Shared ad)

Buses in depots

SBS Transit

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AMDEP 13 buses SG5957U SG5958S SG5991U SG5992S SG5993P SG6041E SG6042C SG6084G SG6086B SG6100T SG6101R SG6113G SG6158C
BBDEP 1 bus SG6099P
BNDEP 23 buses SG5953E SG5954C SG6059E SG6060A SG6061Y SG6063S SG6074K SG6075H SG6076E SG6083J SG6085D SG6098S SG6103K SG6147J SG6156H SG6157E SG6160U SG6161S SG6163L SG6165G SG6167B SG6169X SG6170R
BRBP 8 buses SG6062U SG6064P SG6159A SG6162P SG6164J SG6166D SG6168Z SG6171M
HGDEP 26 buses SG5931T SG5932R SG5933M SG5934K SG5935H SG5936E SG5937C SG5938A SG5939Y SG5940S SG5955A SG5956Y SG5971C SG6004M SG6005K SG6043A SG6044Y SG6045U SG6046S SG6077C SG6078A SG6087Z SG6088X SG6089T SG6102M SG6104H
SEDEP 15 buses SG5921Y SG5922U SG5923S SG5924P SG5925L SG5926J SG5988E SG5989C SG5990Y SG6000Z SG6049J SG6050D SG6052Z SG6053X SG6054T
SLBP 1 bus SG6047P
UPDEP 13 buses SG5987H SG5994L SG5995J SG5996G SG5997D SG5998B SG6001X SG6002T SG6003R SG6082L SG6106C SG6148G SG6149D

SMRT Buses

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AMDEP 56 buses SG5941P SG5942L SG5943J SG5946B SG5948X SG5952H SG5963B SG5964Z SG5965X SG5972A SG5973Y SG5974U SG5977L SG5980B SG5984R SG5986K SG6006H SG6012P SG6013L SG6018Z SG6019X SG6022K SG6023H SG6024E SG6027Y SG6029S SG6031J SG6037T SG6055R SG6056M SG6057K SG6058H SG6065L SG6066J SG6067G SG6069B SG6070X SG6071T SG6079Y SG6080S SG6081P SG6096Y SG6097U SG6109U SG6119R SG6132B SG6133Z SG6134X SG6135T SG6136R SG6138K SG6145P SG6152T SG6153R SG6154M SG6155K
KJDEP 35 buses SG5927G SG5928D SG5929B SG5930X SG5947Z SG5949T SG5959P SG5960J SG5961G SG5962D SG5975S SG5979G SG5981Z SG5982X SG6007E SG6008C SG6009A SG6010U SG6011S SG6014J SG6015G SG6016D SG6020R SG6021M SG6025C SG6028U SG6068D SG6073M SG6116Z SG6117X SG6120K SG6121H SG6122E SG6139H SG6142Y
WLDEP 52 buses SG5944G SG5945D SG5950M SG5951K SG5966T SG5967R SG5968M SG5969K SG5970E SG5976P SG5978J SG5983T SG5985M SG6017B SG6026A SG6030L SG6032G SG6033D SG6034B SG6035Z SG6036X SG6038R SG6039M SG6040H SG6048L SG6051B SG6072R SG6107A SG6108Y SG6110P SG6111L SG6112J SG6114D SG6115B SG6118T SG6123C SG6124A SG6125Y SG6126U SG6127S SG6128P SG6129L SG6130G SG6131D SG6137M SG6140C SG6141A SG6143U SG6144S SG6146L SG6150Z SG6151X


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LYDEP 6 buses SG6090M SG6091K SG6092H SG6093E SG6094C SG6095A

Tower Transit

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MDDEP 1 bus SG6105E

Type of purchase(s)

All buses are bought under Land Transport Authority (LTA)'s Bus Contracting Model (BCM).


  • SG5944G, SG5951K & SG6113G – SG6171M are equipped with full newer generation (black) exterior side cameras.
  • SG5986K, SG6009A, SG6064P – SG6066J, SG6073M – SG6076E, SG6079Y & SG6080S are equipped with full older generation (white) exterior side cameras.

SBS Transit

  • SG5921Y does not have red priority seat covers.
  • SG5992S & SG6166D do not have operator logo pasted on front of bus.
  • SG6061Y does not have 'MAN Lion's City' branding pasted on offside of bus.
  • SG6083J, SG6085D, SG6098S, SG6103K, SG6157E, SG6160U, SG6161S, SG6163L, SG6165G, SG6167B, SG6169X & SG6170R feature smaller sized operator logos on nearside and offside of bus.
  • SG6098S has a larger 'SG♥BUS' and operator logo pasted on rear of bus.
  • SG6103K does not have 'SG♥BUS' logo pasted on front of bus.
  • SG6104H does not have operator logo pasted on offside of bus.
  • AMDEP and BRBP buses are interchangeable.
  • All buses do not have dress rim covers.

SMRT Buses

  • SG5944G, SG6026A & SG6130G do not have 'Lion's City' branding pasted on offside of bus.
  • SG5951K does not have operator logo pasted on nearside of bus.
  • SG5985M uses a Bus Stopping sign in place of a Door Closing sign on the exit door.
  • SG6027Y does not have 'SG♥BUS' logo pasted on front of bus.
  • SG6117X was fitted with a smaller front EDS cut out when it was newly deployed on revenue service.


  • All buses do not have dress rim covers.

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