MAN NL323F (3-Door)

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Operator(s) SMRT Buses
Registration no. SG4002G
Vehicle make MAN
Vehicle manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus
Vehicle model NL323F (A22)
Vehicle bodywork MAN Lion's City SD 3Dr
Vehicle bodywork assembler Gemilang Coachwork
Length 11.98m
Width 2.5m
Quantity 1
Year 2016
Passenger capacity Seating: 27
Standing: 65
Wheelchair bay: 1
Total: 92
Engine model MAN D 2066 LUH-32
Engine capacity 10518 cc
Emission standard Euro V
Transmission model Voith DIWA 864.5
Power/torque 320 hp (235 kW) @ 1900 rpm / 1600 Nm @ 1000 - 1400 rpm
Suspension system Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECS)
Braking system Electronic Braking System (EBS)
Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
Antriebsschlupfregelung (ASR) / Traction Control System (TCS)
Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)
Exhaust system MAN PURE DIESEL Technology
Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Technology
PM-Kat Filter Technology
Air-con model Denso LD8u
EDS model Mobitec MobiLED Colour
EDS controller model Mobitec MobiMASTER ICU 602
Seat model Vogelsitze Revo S
Door model Masats
Additional features Mobitec MobiSCREEN Passenger Information Display System (PIDS)
OSG ScreeneX Passenger Information Display System (PIDS)


Registration no. Service Advertisement
SG4002G N/A N/A

Former deployments

Other information


KJDEP Kranji Depot
WLDEP Woodlands Depot
N/A Not available

Buses in depots

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KJDEP N/A buses N/A
WLDEP N/A buses N/A

Type of purchase(s)

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Land Transport Authority (LTA)'s Bus Contracting Model (BCM) SG4002G

Land Transport Authority (LTA)'s Lush Green livery

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Registered bus (with green painted front) SMRT Buses SG4002G


  • SG4002G is cited under Road Traffic Act (Chapter 276) Road Traffic (Authorisation Of Use) (No. 3) Notification 2017.

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