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East West Line: Due to track renewal works, train services between Outram Park and Jurong East stations will end at 11pm. Shuttle bus services are available. Certain bus service will be extended to coincide with the last shuttle bus timing.
Bukit Panjang LRT: Due to overhaul works, train service on all 14 stations will start at 8am. Shuttle bus services are available to all affected stations except Ten Mile Junction station. Please refer to Travel Advisory for more information.
SBS Transit: From 28 October 2018, Service 139 will be amended to serve McNair Road and Towner Road, skipping Serangoon Road.
SBS Transit: From 28 October 2018, Short Trip Service 195B will be withdrawn.
SMRT Buses: From 28 October 2018, Express Bus Service 960e will be introduced between Woodlands Temporary Int and Marina Centre Terminal.
SBS Transit SMRT Buses: From 28 October 2018, certain bus service will be amended due to opening of Lornie Highway (Southbound). Please refer to Travel Advisory for more information.
Go-Ahead: From 29 October 2018, Short-Trip Service 386A will be introduce to better serve commuters Needs.

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