Mass Rapid Transit

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The Mass Rapid Transit

The MRT system consists of three inter-connected rail systems, namely the North-South line, the East-West line, and the newest North-East line. The North-South and East-West lines are operated by the SMRT Corporation, whereas the newer North-East line is operated by SBSTransit.
There is also another line currently under construction (The Circle Line). However, due to the recent Nicoll Highway collapse, work is temporarily halted.
Inquiry of the collapse has started and restoration work of Nicoll Highway has begun
Circle line has continued its construction after the restoration of Nicoll Highway
Downtown Extension line will start its construction in 2007. Stations built: Chinatown, Cross Street, Landmark, Integrated Resort and Milliena

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Getting around

The MRT system boasts a seamless payment method, through the EZ-link card system. With a unified payment method, operators offer various rebates for transfers between the rail and bus systems.

And how much to get around Singapore by MRT?

MRT Lines

Station            Map Indicator
Individal Lines
North South Line
East West Line
North East Line
Circle Line
Downtown Line
MRT Lines with LRT Lines
North South Line, Bukit Panjang LRT
North East Line, Sengkang LRT
North East Line, Punggol LRT
MRT Lines with two interchange of different lines
North South Line, East West Line
North South Line, Circle Line
North South Line, Downtown Line
East West Line, North East Line
East West Line, Circle Line
East West Line, Downtown Line
North East Line, Circle Line
North East Line, Downtown Line
Circle Line, Downtown Line
MRT Lines with three interchange of different lines
North South Line, North East Line, Circle Line