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*Gibbson Ang as thug
*Gibbson Ang as thug
*Lawrence Lee Kwok Toong as Peter
*Lawrence Lee Kwok Toong as Peter
*Huang Qinde as Da Han (coffeeshop patron)
*Ng Kim Teck as Da Han (coffeeshop patron)
*Ong Siew Leng as drink can collector
*Ong Siew Leng as drink can collector

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Nobody's Child is a 2005 Singaporean film directed by Lim Koong Hwee (then known as Lim Boon Hwee, or Lin Wenhui).


Shuangshuang and Dandan live with their mother Danping in Singapore, who is struggling to make ends meet running a vegetarian bee hoon stall. Their father lives in Ipoh ostensibly working, but he has already started another family as yet unknown to them. Coffeeshop owner Orbit, constantly henpecked by his wife Orbiang, is attracted to Danping's looks; they flirt casually much to the anger of Orbiang. After finding out about her husband's infidelity, Danping begins to target him with a view to becoming his second wife and getting a share of his wealth. Shuangshuang is opposed to this as she hopes to see Danping and her dad reconcile, and she even offers herself to be molested by Orbit in exchange for leaving Danping.

Shuangshuang is good friends with Wei, Orbit's stall assistant who sticks up for her. He has a crush on Rain, Orbit's daughter, and Orbit warns her to stay away from Wei despite a promise to let him date her in exchange for not revealing his affair.

Things come to a head when Orbiang discovers Orbit's affair. Orbit and Danping book a holiday to Phuket, but he is left behind in Singapore after Obiang damages his passport in revenge. The 2004 Asian tsunami strikes, and Danping is uncontactable. Wei and Shuangshuang confront Orbit, but Orbit escapes with his life after Wei accidentally stabs Shuangshuang fatally, while attempting to attack Orbit. The film ends as Wei hovers outside a police station, and as Dandan, now presumably orphaned, looks for his mother and elder sister.


Note: Cast members were credited by their Mandarin names in Chinese characters.

  • Leron Heng as Shuangshuang
  • Justin Peng as Dandan
  • Catherine Tan Siew Leng as Danping
  • Low Soo Kiang (credited as Liu Yongqiang) as Orbit
  • May Oon Nielsen as Obiang
  • Joshua Ang as Wei
  • Chun Keng Wah as Wei's father
  • Kimberly Haley Wang as Rain
  • Gibbson Ang as thug
  • Lawrence Lee Kwok Toong as Peter
  • Ng Kim Teck as Da Han (coffeeshop patron)
  • Ong Siew Leng as drink can collector



The movie was shot on location in southwest Singapore. Coffeeshop scenes were filmed in Beng Sin Eating House at Blk 46-1 Commonwealth Drive. Some scenes were filmed in Bukit Merah.


The theme song to the movie is 《有缘熟悉无缘爱 》, sung by Hong Shao Xuan, with instrumental variations as a soundtrack to some scenes.