SMRT Non-Revenue Buses

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TIB675K (De-Registered/Scrapped)
TIB680U (De-Registered/Scrapped)
TIB696A (Non-user Lay Up till 13 Nov 2007)
TIB718X (De-Registered/Scrapped)
TIB724C (De-Registered/Scrapped)

Dennis Lance

TIB931X (De-Registered/Scrapped)
TIB936H (De-Registered/Scrapped)
TIB941S (De-Registered/Scrapped)
TIB1004R (De-Registered/Scrapped)

Mercedes O405G (Hispano MK1)

TIB900K (De-Registered/Scrapped)

Mercedes O405G (Hispano Habit)

TIB1110S (De-Registered/Scrapped)
TIB1118X (Non-User Lay Up till 23 May 2008)

Scania L113CRL (Walter Alexander Strider)

TIB643C (De-Registered/Scrapped)

Nissan Diesel U31RCN

CSS190Z (Non-user Lay Up till 31 Jul 2007)

Models that do not have Non-Revenue Buses


Mercedes O405 (Hispano OAC)

Mercedes O405 (Hispano CAC)

Mercedes O405 (Volgren)

Mercedes O405G (Hispano MK2)

Mercedes O405G (Volgren)

Scania L113CRL (ELBO)