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Hi all editors,

I know that my upcoming suggestion is going to be very controversial, but I would like to mention it anyway.

I am aware that bus services calculate the number of buses in a particular bus service based on the number of buses in the permanent fleet and excluding all crossovers from other bus services.

However, I am concerned about special services, such as peak hour trunk services and express services etc. This is because such services may operate partially or fully with buses which crossover from other bus services. For example, Service 971 operates 12 trips in the morning. Despite that, it is only mentioned that the total number of buses for Service 971 is 9 buses due to the fact that 3 of the buses are crossovers from Service 190.

Let me take you to another scenario. For example, Express 14e has 4 trips in the morning and 3 trips in the evening. However, there are only 3 official permanent buses despite being 5 buses listed there, with the extra 2 buses coming as crossovers from Service 14. Despite all this, the total number of buses for Express 14e is listed as 4 buses, which represents the number of buses operating in the morning portion.

This has divided opinion because the clarity is not there. In addition to that, there are also several services such as Express 850E which operates fully based on crossovers only.

Now, my question is:

  • For which type of bus service should or should not include crossovers in the total number of buses and why?
  • I have noticed that suspended services such as Chinatown Direct and Night services are classified as "PAST". Can this be implemented on the remaining groups of services that are also suspended, such as Express 188R and Service 170X?

Thank you for taking your valuable time in reading this.



Opinions Below

for 971, put as 12 (PERM: 9, CROSSOVER: 3)?

for 14e put as 4 (CROSSOVER:4)?

those without crossover just leave it as it is?

rgds lemon1974

Do you also mean that rare crossovers are also in the crssover section? etc. SG6141A was in 913 instead than in 903?

If it is this condition, 971 can be plotted as 12 (9 perm, 3 crossover from 190) For 14/e, it can be plotted as 5 (2 crossovers from svc 14, 3 perm)? or 4 (3 perm, 1 crossover) or plot (at least)1 spare bus from 14e?

For those buses controlled under the MCO like 170X, 950 or the SG Covid-19 measures services like 188e, 963e, 401, I have no opinion whether you can put it in the "Past" section. You have to ask the 'elders' of sgWiki to find out.

regards Lim Jia Ting (13:04, 21 Aug 2021)