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Dear editors,

From the previous renaming exercise, we had delayed the renaming exercise for MAN ND323F and Alexander Dennis Enviro 500. However, there is a mistake (an omission of a bus model that would also required to be rename for standardisation). With the intake of 3-door MAN ND323F coming soon, this discussion will since reopen.

The following models may be required for renaming:

  • Alexander Dennis Enviro 500
    • Inclusion of door variants and/or euro emission
  • MAN NL323F
    • Standardisation changes
  • MAN ND323F
    • Inclusion of door variants and/or euro emission
  • Mercedes-Benz O405G (Hispano Habit)
    • Split to include of euro emission (Euro I and Euro II)
  • Scannia K230UB
    • Standardisation changes

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