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Dear editors,

From the previous renaming exercise, we had delayed the renaming exercise for MAN ND323F and Alexander Dennis Enviro500. However, there is a mistake (an omission of a bus model that would also required to be rename for standardisation). With the intake of 3-door MAN ND323F coming soon, this discussion will since reopen.

The following models may be required for renaming:

  • Alexander Dennis Enviro500
    • Inclusion of door variants and/or euro emission
  • MAN NL323F
    • Standardisation changes
  • MAN ND323F
    • Inclusion of door variants and/or euro emission
  • Mercedes-Benz O405G (Hispano Habit)
    • Split to include of euro emission (Euro I and Euro II)
  • Scania K230UB
    • Standardisation changes

Your Opinion Below

Opinion 1 (by Wekelwrady)

Good morning.

First of all, I would like to present my viewpoint of the sorting of the ND323Fs.

I was thinking of this arrangement:

(Euro V) (2-door) (Batch 1): SMB5888H - SMB5904U

(Euro V) (2-door) (Batch 2): SG5740C - SG5799J

(Euro V) (2-door) (Batch 3): SG5800M - SG5920A

(Euro V) (3-door): SG5999Z

(Batch 3-VI): SG2017C

(Euro VI) (2-door) (Batch 1): SG5921Y - SG5998B, SG6000Z - SG6171M

(Euro VI) (2-door) (Batch 2): SG6172K onwards

In this case, SG2017C will be tagged as a special batch, reallocated and isolated to a special page although it has the same bodywork as the Batch 3s but with Euro 6 emissions. Thus the combination of Batch 3 and Euro VI into 3-VI.

If the admins and our fellow users agree to such an arrangement for SG2017C, I believe this can pave the way to Euro Emission standardisation across all bus model pages. I look forward to hear some feedback about this.

Secondly, for the other models,

MAN NL323F can gladly follow the following standardisation with the MAN ND323F which I suggested as the above sorting, in which for example, SG4002G is (Euro V) (3-door).
Enviro500 can be labelled with solely Euro emissions since 2-door have Euro V emissions whereas 3-door do not have Euro V emissions.
Mercedes-Benz O405G (Hispano Habit) can be labelled with Euro emissions too.
Scania K230UB doesn't need any change in my opinion.

Finally, as I reiterate my standpoint, I do not regard SG2017C as a demonstrator, but I feel it should get a separate page of its own with a unique batch name, with exemptions from the euro emission standardisation. Thank you.

Opinion 2 (by SMB315C)

1. Alexander Dennis Enviro500

  • Upcoming 3-Door buses to be listed under new page titled Alexander Dennis Enviro500 (3-Door).
  • No change to other pages.

2. MAN NL323F

  • No change.

3. MAN ND323F

  • Upcoming 3-Door buses to be listed under existing MAN ND323F (3-Door) page, labelled as 'Production Batch'.
  • No change to other pages.

4. Mercedes-Benz O405G (Hispano Habit)

  • No change.

5. Scania K230UB

  • No change.