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Singapore Bus Services (SBS) was a public bus operator in Singapore formed on 1st November 1973 with the merger of three public amalgamated Chinese bus companies, namely the Amalgamated Bus Company Limited (ABC), the Associated Bus Services (Private) Limited (ABS) and the United Bus Company Limited (UBC). The government-sanctioned merger was undertaken to improve service standards of the bus transport system, which formed the backbone of public transport then. The fledgling company was listed on the Stock Exchange of Singapore in 1978 under the name of Singapore Bus Service (1978) Limited.

With the impending shakeup in the public transport sector, and the shift towards the creation of multi-modal transport companies, Singapore Bus Services (1978) Limited changed its name to DelGro Corporation Limited on 1st November 1997. Bus operations were hived-off to a fully owned subsidiary called Singapore Bus Services Limited, which was separately listed on the Singapore Exchange.

On 28th November 2001, Singapore Bus Services Limited was renamed as SBS Transit Limited when the company formally became a multi-modal transport operator.

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