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The Straits Times is an English-language daily broadsheet newspaper published in Singapore and currently owned by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), which is controlled by the government. It is the country's highest-selling paper, with a current daily circulation of nearly 365,800.[1] The weekly Sunday edition is known as The Sunday Times.

The Straits Times was established on 15 July 1845, in the early days of British colonial rule, and may be considered the successor to various other newspapers during the time such as the Singapore Chronicle. It was founded by an Armenian, Catchick Moses.[2] Until 1965 the paper carried news of the whole of British Malaya. After Singapore became independent from Malaysia in August 1965, the paper became more focused on the island, and a separate Malaysian newspaper, the New Straits Times, was created in Kuala Lumpur.

Currently, The Straits Times is Singapore's primary print news source in English. Singapore Press Holdings also publishes two other English dailies: the broadsheet The Business Times and the tabloid The New Paper. The Straits Times is a member of the Asia News Network.


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