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How can I add in a box for individual SMRT bus duties of dual-depot services, like 176? --23ispolo (talk) 22:23, 31 May 2014 (SGT)

I have added two tables under Service 176 section. Do add in the duty codes too. Thank you.
SMB1341U (talk) 14:20 31/05/2014 (SGT)

Thank you. However, I need to confirm some of the slots of the buses, like SMB1400H - SMB1402C and TIB544E. So, I will leave their duties under 'TBC', before I confirm their actual slots. But great thanks for your help! :)--23ispolo (talk) 22:32, 1 June 2014 (SGT)

Hi 23ispolo, do note that when you add in new box under a service, do check to see if the box fits well like utilising the space if needed to put into two rows rather than putting it all into one single box. As some buses have many slots, the shifts gets rather confusing with the bus under the slot. Leaving a huge colspan dash - for the saturdays and sundays is rather not necessary.

And also check to see if the box is okay if you do happen to use a mobile to access the particular service you have created a box for. As for some of the edits Ive done, Ive ensured that the box does not overflow out of the sgwiki page for that service as I was told from wikipedia. Cheers and good day!