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1703L 1704J spotting[edit]

Hi, may I know the timings for 1703L and 1704J that is still on 16? As far as I know all the euro V batch 3 has left sv16 as per spotting daily. They should be gone to spare instead by now..

They did not return to 16. Their slots are done by ex160 and 170a buses or pulled over from other bukit Merah services. The only man buses left are the euro VIs that’s certain as I have seen it daily.

As for 5122A former deployment, it’s former deployment was sv16 together with 5027S before going to sv160/a.

Regards Neon

Reply: Refurbishment of E5 KUBs[edit]


Yes, it is considered as refurbished as long as either the exterior or interior is repainted & fully refurbished for buses with both interior & exterior works completed.

I guess it would be better for us to list them according to physical observations instead of grouping all of them as 'refurbished buses'.

For example:


Buses with refurbished exterior (without WAB/LTA stickers)
( buses)
Buses with refurbished exterior (with only WAB sticker)
( buses)
Buses with refurbished exterior (with WAB/LTA stickers)
( buses)
Buses with refurbished interior
( buses)
Fully refurbished buses
( buses)

You may go ahead and modify the types of refurbishments if you want to.


Reply: Deregistered LTA Storage Buses[edit]


Thanks for bringing this up.

I believe it would be best to indicate them in both pages as you've mentioned.

Meanwhile we shall list the bus stored till Jul 2022 under the Storage section, and the other relevant pages should be more or less the same.

Will help edit these in a moment.


File names[edit]

Hi, would like to leave a gentle reminder to put bus regos in full when you upload bus pictures. Thanks and regards.