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Warning Point (1 September 2021)
You have committed the follow offense that may warrant an immediate ban: False edits on redeployment

Reply: SMRT Mercedes Benz Citaro transfer to WLDEP.


Sorry for the confusion.

169H 170C 171A 173U 174S 175P 176L 177J are the 8 units transferred over to WLDEP.

Hope this clarifies.

Reply: LTA Storage Buses


1747K and 1748H are under non-user lay-up status despite their ownership transfer to Go-Ahead. Likewise, 40 Citaros had their ownership transferred to Go-Ahead too as well (also under non-user lay-up status).

Hope this can clarify with you.

RE: Suggestion


I had understand your concern of such a long notes which may cause confusion/hard to find information. However, I found it unfeasible to implement your proposed solution as depot transfer may occur, and hence editors may forgot to update the notes.

Hope you understand the rationale of listing every range of rego.

Thanks & regards