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Service 5 redeployments

Hi, to reply your question regarding SBS6635E, SBS8829A & SBS6655Y

Sv 5 had a new weekday timetable wef 25/11/2019, and here are the following changes/redeployments:

  • SBS6192R is the replacement for SBS6635E, unsure about SBS6635E's current status but saw it frequenting 57 & 195 recently I think
  • SBS8829A & SBS6655Y came in to fill up vacant slots previously used by the SPAD K230UBs which left UPD 5 for UPD170/A sometime in August/Sep 2019
  • 2 UPD 5 A/P single deck slots remains vacant, with random UPD buses getting deployed on these two slots.

On a side note:

  • SBS8335H is the replacement for SBS6211U from 12/08/2019 onwards
  • SBS8335H transferred over from BNDEP > UPD 5 wef 28/7/2019, with SBS5065G transferring over from UPD > BNDEP 5 as SBS8335H's replacement.
  • SBS8335H ran as a UPD Spare bus for a couple of weeks before it replaced SBS6211U under UPD 5.

Hope this clears up the air

Best Regards, SBS3118B

Sv 47

Hi can I ask how did you derive that 8338 is not a Sv 47 perm while 8952b is?

8338A has been consistently on 47, while 8952 has been jumping around services


292 26 Jan
29 1 Feb
69 & 225G 3 Feb
19 4 & 10 Feb
9 2 & 11 Feb
40 12 Feb
4 30 Jan & 13 Feb
20 14 Feb
18 15 Feb
229 16 Feb

hi just to add on, 3966U has 46 guides and is seen constantly doing 46 at this point.
Today only 3721J and 3969L and 7537Z were the only DDs.


guides does not deem as perm as per guidelines here. bus drivers can take guides and place on the svcs they are doing or in the past and left it there and it went back to its perm svc. suggest more time should be observed till perm is concluded. thanks