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Service 51 Duties

Hi Peace & Harmony,

I understand what you mean. However the fleet size remains unchanged as per the schedule, not known whether it is an error in the schedule. However, do be rest assured that it is rectified in the upcoming schedule changes again next week which will make up for the extra bus.

Thank you. Themystery

Re: Changes in Deployment of Service 851e

Hi Peace & Harmony,

I have seen the table you have come up with on your own user page. Currently, the table seems correct to me. Some issues with the tallying of buses is due to the deployment. This is because sometimes SG5925L or SG5989C is on 851e. There hasn't been a specific unit seen sticky on Fridays, Weekends and PHs. For Weekends and PHs, usually there will be 1 SD in operation still. Usually it should be SG1749E, but then again this is also quite subjective as sometimes it is SG1750A instead.

Hope this helps. Thank you.