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Recent Edits

Hi Peace & Harmony,

I would like to thank you for helping me edit the relevant pages that I have left out. So sorry about that as I might have overlooked on these pages.

Thank you. Themystery

Re: Changes in Deployment of Services 70 and 806


Yes, some have observed that there's a number of batch 4 A95s doing Service 70 frequently, while Service 806 using B9TL for the double-decker fleet. We probably need some time to finalise on the redeployments for the mentioned services & Sv 803, 851e, etc.

Re: Changes in Deployment of Service 851e

Hi Peace & Harmony,

I have obtained the full schedule (in timecard form) of service 851e. My friend has helped me update the deployments for 851e earlier today. However, you have removed one of my points regarding SDs and DDs on this service. I'm new to this community; is it unnecessary to specify the number of SDs and DDs (2 and 6 respectively, based on timecards) deployed on a service? Or is it that I did not specify the information in the correct manner?

Thank you and have a nice day.