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Service 51 Duties

Hi Peace & Harmony,

I understand what you mean. However the fleet size remains unchanged as per the schedule, not known whether it is an error in the schedule. However, do be rest assured that it is rectified in the upcoming schedule changes again next week which will make up for the extra bus.

Thank you. Themystery

Re: Changes in Deployment of Service 851e

Hi Peace & Harmony,

In the latest revision of the page SBS Transit Express Services, you reverted my changes to service 851e's fleet. I would like to point out that in SBS Transit's database, service 851e's official fleet is reflected as being the fleet used on weekends and public holidays. Therefore, I have updated the fleet in SGWiki as such, and labelled the weekday fleet as Mon-Thu crossovers from their parent services.

I hope you understand why these changes were made. I shall therefore revert your changes to service 851e's fleet to reflect the official fleet. Feel free to contact me if there are any misunderstandings or if you would like to clarify any information.

Thank you and have a nice day.


For your info:

I will be helping to amend the relevant pages affected tomorrow to better reflect the deployment. You can refer to my conversation with SMB315C regarding the use of the // symbol if you would like to.



My reply

Thank you for trying to resolve this issue. You might want to refer to the 851e deployments chart and list I made on my user page and let me know if there are any discrepancies.