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Re: Status of SG5999Z

Hi Peace & Harmony,

Currently I do not have any update regarding this. Sincere apologies.

Thank you. Themystery


Hi Peace & Harmony,

SG5065T and SG5300P are Spare Buses. I've seen these 2 buses doing various services instead of a fixed service. One scenario I've came about (5300P in this case) is that it was performing 851-se-306 (Duty 5A), which is meant to served by SG5135A. SG5300P performed that particular duty as SG5135A was off for that day to receive its new advertisement. For 5065T, it has been reported on different services such as 71, 851 etc apart from the days they perform on 851e.

For the other 2 questions, I can't fulfil them for now, but I can try to identify the extra SD on 851 as I'm a regular commuter on 851. Thanks.

Plus, does SG5305B performs on 807 in a regular basis on Fridays, Weekends & PHs, as I've came about reports of it on other services as well such as 70, 71 etc. Having said that 807 has 1 extra DD.