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(TIB1021R & TIB1022M is only a 302 temporary perm replacing 1237K & 1238H: new section)
(Such a "coincidence" both edits are one minute apart huh? That's not the first time it has happened.)
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||'''[//sgwiki.com/index.php?title=User_talk:SBS3602U&action=edit&section=new + Create a new topic]'''
== Changing of Bus Image ==
I would like to highlight to you, as I had done to user Apex-LW'21, that the images posted by the new users does not required image attribution etc. if they are taken by themselves and upload, in acknowledge that sgWiki had CC (Creative Common - Fair Use). However, with the images we used to upload in the past belongs to other community groups, if they had contact us for usage of their image, we, as an administrator, are obliged to delete the images as describe by them due to copyright reasons.
I hope that this clear the misconception of images need to have "image attribution". But of course, proper naming of images is required as per normal and proper credits should be given if using of other users images.
{{AdminMsg|Supernutorcrazy|19 Mar 2017|1921}}
== TIB1021R & TIB1022M is only a 302 temporary perm replacing 1237K & 1238H ==
Hi SBS3602U,
      I disagree with TIB1152X 190 edit and that's why I edit the page. I am SG5064X the forum user and people in the Forum say that 1021R & 1022M is only temporary replacing 1237K & 1238H and 1237 & 1238 came back and 1021 & 1022 is MIA after that. In BCM, 1 service will only have some perm bus and the rest are random fleets.
User TIB1152X 190 holds multiple accounts. I only hold SG5064X and thanks.

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