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August 2015

"1.4. When updating de-registered buses, they are to be updated after 2359 hours of the actual de-registration date of the bus. They are not allowed to be updated before the timing as the list will be reverted back if it is updated too early or before the stipulated time. For buses that are awaiting de-registration prior to de-registration, only reflect the status as "Awaiting de-registration" when there's confirmation based on the physical evidence."


Searching of past deployment are available through past deployment of bus model. I can assure you it is much faster this way than to manually retrieve past deployment of a single service by going through the 3000+ history for it.

Re:Updating at Midnight for bus service 976


I found no issue in updating the history page for bus service 976 at midnight as there is no operation beyond midnight. For the case of bus service BPS1 updating at midnight, there is no operation at beyond midnight either.

To better illustrate, the final trip for BPS1 ends at approx 2000 hours on 8 November. Updating the history on 10 November (official withdrawn date) at midnight poses no problem. The maiden trip for 976 starts at 0530 hours on 10 November. Updating the history on 10 November (official introduction date) at midnight poses no problem.

Thanks & Regards

--Supernutorcrazy (talk, administrator) 10 November 2019 09:34 SGT


Thanks for the heads up. Cheers.