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User:Go-Ahead Ambassasor


I had reviewed the ban you had given to the above user, and had hence unban the user due to the following factors:

  • The reason of the ban does not constitute to any of the rule stated in sgWiki:Guidebook.
  • Despite the fact that the above users did disruptive editing before, the edits of such pages does not consider it as vandalism or disruptive editing as it stated a more accurate representation of company.
  • Such changing of information was only in minute bytes and does not add up to huge byte that affect page loading time as compared to tons of advertisement information found on pages.

Thanks & Regards

Service 7 fleet due to recent introduction of Service 7A & 7B

Reply #2

Hi SBS9631X,

I have done up the notes for the procedures for Service 7A and 7B buses downrouting to Service 7 on the Bus Deployment by Service and the SBS Transit Shortworking Trip services pages, while the actual number of buses for 7A and 7B is still pending confirmation.

I have also indicated the depot for Service 7A (BNDEP) and Service 7B (BBDEP) for reference on the 'Notes' section on the Bus Deployment for Service 7.

If you have further clarifications, or comments you may need to add on, feel free to post on my talk page.

--Apex-LW'21 (talk)

Adding ad details

Hey there,

Just an update, there is no need for you to edit accordingly. Apparently SMB315C came back to me and did the work for you. So..thanks for your attention!


Interior Advert

Hi SBS9631X,

Sorry for the long wait, please proceed here to see my idea of the interior ad page & do leave some feedback.
Hillary Nguyen (talk) 16:58, 4 September 2018 (+08)

New Ads Sighted

Hi SBS9631X,

Do fill in the ad details for SBS6767H & SBS8455U (Go Safe Online Orange Ad) and SBS6306E (China Airlines) as I am unsure of the full ad details. Thank you.


Regarding IKEA ads

Hi SBS9631X,

I saw SBS6416X with red coloured version of IKEA ad. Please take note that there are 4 different colours: Green, Orange, Turquoise and Red.

Thank you. GoAheadAmbassador

Whealthfields Lohmann (S) Pte Ltd - Walch Centralin Automatic Foaming Dispenser & Walch Laundry Sanitiser:

thanks for the clarification. just that all those i saw are with PS..... have not saw any 2/3 ad yet....

thank you lemon1974