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Re: Service 147 duties

Hi SMB315C,

I have noted your reply. By any chance, do you happen to know the HGDEP side of duties? Thank you.


Seeking informations

Hi SMB315C,

Regarding the topic SgWiki:Renaming of MAN ND323F/MAN NL323F/SCANIA K230UB (Poll/Discussion) and SgWiki:Definition of bus variant (Poll/Discussion), it had ended about half a year ago, I came with this conclusion, but yet to implemented. Would wish to seek your understanding first and see if it could further been fine tuned.

Definition of "variants" will count as changes to the bodywork, number of doors and emissions.

By this definition, the following changes would be made.

  • Scania K230UB (Euro IV Batch 1/2) → Scania K230UB (Euro IV) (Batch 1/2)
  • Scania K230UB (Euro V Batch 1/2) → Scania K230UB (Euro V) (Batch 3/4)
  • MAN NL323F (Batch 1/2/3) → MAN NL323F (Euro V) (Batch 1/2/3)
  • MAN NL323F (Batch 4) → MAN NL323F (Euro 6) (Batch 4)
  • MAN ND323F (Batch 1/2/3) → MAN ND323F (Euro V) (Batch 1/2/3) & MAN ND323F (Euro 6) (Batch 3)1
  • MAN ND323F (Batch 4/5) → MAN ND323F (Euro 6) (Batch 4/5)

When editing deployment page, omit the emission.


  • 1 - Splitting of SG2017C into separate page as it is Euro 6, but kept a denotation of Batch 3.

Next, 2 topics regarding the classifying of bus service has emerged, 1 that had been closed with no changes made about half a year ago, the another was made by another user as reference by the topics SgWiki:Page Merger/Integration (Poll/Discussion) and SgWiki:Reorganising of Bus Service Deployment by Service (Poll/Discussion).

I would wish to close the discussion early as a clear cut common consensus could be infer, but would made the following changes after taking into consideration.

  • All pages with more than 30 subheading will be split into smaller page to facilitate easier browsing & editing on mobile devices. This means SBS Transit Short Working Trips has to be split. But this in contrast to user Wekelwrady that had pointed out that it would broke the standardisation issue. So a counter-solution would be made as below.
  • Short Working Trips will be merged into Parent Service Pages, with the sub heading as Short-Trip instead of Service.
  • Merger of Services 400 - 405 and Services 851 - 860 etc. would not take place. But in lieu of the GCM and how LTA like to "draw services into package" anytime, a merger of page between operators could be made so that a change of operator would not need to rename/move multiple sections.

Please let me know of your suggestion.

Thanks & Regards