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Re: Service 147 duties

Hi SMB315C,

I have noted your reply. By any chance, do you happen to know the HGDEP side of duties? Thank you.


Woodlands Feeders MAN A24

Hi SMB315C,

Thanks for helping to observe. Based on my observation 8039Y is the perm 913T due to the following:

  • The week 8039Y on 913T, no weekdays have missing bendy. (8035 will result in Wed/Thu no bendy, 8027 & 8029 will result in Thu/Fri no bendy).
  • Today is the 6th consecutive weekday 8039Y been on 913T, no other bendy had this record. At most only 4 days on 913T, with average of 3 days.


Photo problem

Hi SMB315C

Can you assist in helping me turn this photo to its original position ( ), as it has made an uncommanded turn and I cannot revert it back? Thanks!


Regarding user : Stonks


I'm writing this topic in regards to a user whose name goes by "Stonks". He added many information to wiki pages which are not true to present timing. I will list some examples in this list to show his acts of vandalism. Correct me if I'm wrong, no one is allowed to add new information UNLESS they have been put into revenue service.

MAN ND323F (Batch 5)

1) He claimed on 30 September that there were new buses delivered to LTA Storage with 1 being delivered to HGDEP. (SG6189M > HGDEP // SG6190H - SG6206Y > LTA Storage)

2) He then proceeded to add in a new set of registration numbers ON THE SAME DAY to LTA Storage Buses without valid evidence that either they were in Seletar Depot or in any other storage locations. (SG6207U - SG6214Z > LTA Storage)

SMRT Non Revenue Buses

3) He added SMB30Z (KJDEP 176 at time of edit) to SMRT Non Revenue Buses list while the specified bus was not in the laid up corner, or rather no accidents were known.

City Direct 660

4) He claimed that SG5900H & SG5917K were out of 660 while I spotted them physically at Shenton Way.

5) He added SG6173H as an 856 perm without editing other pages properly such as Trunk Services 825 - 860 and other relevant pages.

Thank you for reading this post. I do hope you consider taking action against him as this is not his first offense after noticing he has a warning point on his discussion page.

Yours sincerely,


New front and side alert cameras on buses

Hi SMB315C,

I am writing this message regarding the new front and side alert cameras (or sensors) which are gradually being installed on SBS Transit’s Seletar Depot’s SBS-registered Batch 3 Citaros and Euro V A22s, as well as Go-Ahead’s Citaros.

Based on my observations on SBS6568R, the first citaro to receive the new sensors, the front and back sensors are by TNT. They beep six times in a row when something is sensed, and there are the square T-Watch displays on the driver’s dashboard, very much like the sensors on the BYD K9s. My conclusion is that the sensors are the same as those on the K9s, but the side sensors were installed without being encased in white shells.

I have been noting the buses I’ve seen with the sensors and have edited them in the specifications section of each bus model. However, I have run into several issues, which is my main reason for consulting you today.

1) I am unsure if these buses also have the “TNT Surveillance Forward and Side collision warning system” installed as I am unsure of what to look out for.

2) I have added the buses with the sensors under buses with “TNT Surveillance T-FA Front & Side Alert Cameras”, but however, I have noticed that the front and side cameras are in separate rows on the BYD K9 page. May I know if it will be better to separate the front and side cameras?

3) When trying to edit the MAN A22 pages (Euro V Batches 2 and 3), I realised that 5 buses, SMB3076Y, SMB3079P, SMB3096P, SMB3097L and SMB3122Y already have the “I-SAW-U” sensors installed quite a while back. However, I remembered seeing SMB3122Y with the same TNT sensors as those on the Citaros. Therefore I am a little unsure if I even got the model of the sensors right.

4) On the MAN A22 pages, the five buses with that particular sensor installed had their mobileye 560/630 assistance systems cancelled out. However, I do remember seeing the TNT front sensor placed at an angle above an existing sensor, which is the mobileye 560/630 sensor, on SBS6568R and SBS6592U. But the BYD K9s do not have the mobileye sensor.

I’m really sorry that this is a really messy and unclear message but I hope you can help me clarify these issues regarding the sensors, especially if you happen to see them for yourself. The buses with the sensors so far are already listed, but it is just the model of the sensors and a few other issues which I am unclear about.

Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it!

Regards, Jonathanchu

UPDATE: Thank you so much for your help!