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off peak/peak



i saw the frequency range under transitlink but guess that is just a guide..

for those short trips, i think we can just put the timing ? most of the timing can be found in SBST app. (first and last bus for short trip).

for downroute, this is the headache, as there are alway different downroute/halfway-trip.

i would suggest as below.

Before 0630: before Weekdays morning peak. 0630 to 0830: during Weekdays morning peak. 0831 to 1159: during Weekdays OFF PEAK 1200 to 1659: during Weekdays OFF PEAK 1700 to 1900: during Weekdays evening peak. 1901 to end of duty: during Weekdays night

the bus lane timing is a bit weird because it is actually based on the CBD bus lane timing whereby during these hours, the traffic is heavier.

i would think below timing from transitlink off peak pass programme can be used.

AM peak: 630-900 PM peak: 1700-1930

The timings during which the Off-Peak Pass (OPP) can be used are: from the start of service to 6:29am, between 9:01am and 4:59pm, and from 7:31pm on weekdays, and all-day on weekends and public holidays.

Simplification of Notes Section

Hi SMB315C,

In line with your recent edits to re organise the notes section in the bus services, may I propose another way of expressing the notes section?

Service 158 edit:

Service 159 edit:

I have made these changes previously in Service 854's page and was wondering if it could be standardised across all operators.

Service 854 edit:

Thank you. If you do have any other ways to improve this idea, please do let me know. Thanks!

No vandalism was intended. If in any way you feel like I had made inappropriate changes, please do inform me and we can see if the situation can be improved.