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Thanks & Regards,
Thanks & Regards,
== Protection level ==
Please help raise protection level of [[Template:Changi Airport Skytrain]].
Thank you.

Revision as of 05:17, 30 January 2020

Rules for my feedback to stop irritate me.

  • Please kindly wait for up to 7 days unless stated otherwise for my reply to your feedback. No reply will be given if your feedback does not require reply or I could not answer to your feedback.
  • Please do not ask for general question like How to etc.
  • Please do not ask for permission to do something.
  • Please refrain from requesting to retrieved deleted article as excessive history will be cleared.
  • When requesting me to edit locked pages, please give either
    • Affected sections code
    • Advertisement in full
    • Affected parts to change in details.
    • Avoid statement like same as other vehicle
  • Please kindly indicate Autoblock ID if you have been affected from it.

Regarding my account

Hi Admin,

            I feel very puzzled as my account was being blocked when the IP address issue is not my fault. It will be Glad if you could unblock my account. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

User SG5064X



I would like to flag out the disruptive edits done by the above mentioned user.

1. Early this year, he claimed that the VSOs faced full retirement.

2. He uploaded an inappropriate file using the same file name as the current photo reflected on the Volvo B10TL (CDGE) page.

3. He requested to revert an edit on his behalf when he could have reverted it by himself.

4. He reminded 'SBS9631X' to block an editor when it is up to the administrators to decide.

5. He vandalised with nonsensical/unnecessary information on administrators talk page.

6. He requested the administrators to amend/update ad details based on his spotting/observations, when he could have done them by himself, or patiently waited for other editors to fill in the details.

7. Asked a favour as if 'SBS9631X' owes him a living.

Please do review the edits.

Thank you.

Re: User:GoAheadAmbassador

Dear Admin

I am sorry that I will not do any disruptive editing ever again.
Thank you.

Yours faithfully

User:Go-Ahead Ambassasor

Hi there,

With regards to you un-banning the following user, I guess we could agree to disagree. Because I banned him due to me receiving feedback from several other users, with regards to him adding in details that do not make not much of a difference to the overall listing.

Adding in a "Pte Ltd" word is more accurate rep perhaps to the company name, but to me (& many others), if that company name / extra details he edited doesn't appear anywhere at all on the ad (on the bus itself), his edits becomes inconsequential and pointless.

However, if his edits are on correcting the actual ad details (which are listed on the bus ad itself), then yes his edits would be a more accurate rep of the ad listing.

Hence, even though you and I have a different interpretation on this, nonetheless I will continue to monitor his edits and make sure he does not repeatedly edit pointless stuffs (after pointing out the rationale to him on my earlier ban to his account). He told me he will now edit more responsibly, so we shall KIV and see what happens.

Thanks & Regards, SBS9631X