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Hi! If I have made any mistakes in any edit, please pardon me for my errors. I am open to any clarification for any matter if required.

Re : Notes Section

Hi Themystery,

Thank you for pointing out the error that I have made. Unfortunately I was sleepy and had forgotten to check through the notes that I have made.

I have made the necessary steps to ensure this does not happen again and have made the changes accordingly.

Thank you.




I have made a compilation of all 851e buses and their secondary deployments, as well as a fleet list of 851e for different days of the week on my user page. Have a look at it and let me know if it's correct or if there are any mistakes.

Peace & Harmony



Please proceed to removed those short service listing at the respective station pages. I believed some user added it in based on full day operations which I may had overlook.

Thanks and regards

RE: Feeder 265 Downroutes from AMK Int

Hi Themystery,

These are the 265 downroute departure timings from AMK Int:

05.30, 05.37, 05.44 , 06.05, 06.17, 06.26, 06.47, 07.16, 07.27, 08.01, 17.00, 17.16, 17.37, 18.18, 18.29, 18.51

05.30 & 05.42

Sundays / Public Holidays:
05.30 & 05.41

This is the order of 265 buses from AMK Int (towards ave 10) on their first trip:
1) (05.30) SG1158K (downroute, split shift, first bus towards ave 10)
2) Unknown (downroute, split shift)
3) Unknown (downroute, split shift)
4) (05.56) SG1080A (Duty 1A, first bus from AMDEP)
5) SG1096E
6) SG1098A
7) SBS5102H (downroute, E shift)
8) SBS5190C
9) SBS8279L
10) SG1202R (I’m not too sure if this is the 06.17 downroute)
11) SBS6003D
12) (06.26) SBS5078U (downroute, duty 5A)
13) SBS5192Y
14) SBS6857G
15) (06.47) SBS2004C / SBS5162J (downroute, duty 21S)
16) SBS5162J / SBS2004C
17) SBS5220A
18) Unknown

Hope this helps!


Reply: Service 147 duties

Hi Themystery,

Sorry for the late reply.

Nope for now.


Hi Thenystery,

Thank you for all the information you have given me so far. Yes, I suspect that 1171X no longer perms 261, I will keep a lookout for it on 24. There are suddenly many random 24 perms doing 261 but so far I think 6855L 6077R are confirm 261 perms.

I am not too sure about 6597G 1088D though. I have seen 6597G on 268 quite regularly but it was doing 162 on Monday, 19 October. 6597G has no perm sticker on its coinbox. I have seen 1088D a lot on 268 as well, but I remember seeing it with a spare bus “SBY” sticker on its coinbox. I will keep a lookout for these buses as well. A little more information — I have noticed SBS6575U and SG1175K doing on 268 very often as well, and I suspect they may be perms. 6575U has SBY sticker on its coinbox and 1175K has no sticker.

Hope this information is helpful and I’ll help to keep a lookout! Thank you!



Re: Extra DD in 161 duties.

Hi Themystery,

In recent deployments, 161 has seen random DDs in some of its duties, as well as SDs. Are you able to verify if SG5513S still belongs to 161 or it has been transferred over to another service/depot? If the extra DD wasn’t SG5513S, is there another DD that could have been taken out of 161?


- Last Promise