Volvo B10M Mark IV (Walter Alexander Strider)

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SBS2652G (Service 103)


Registration no. SBS1896B - SBS1999M & SBS2593T - SBS2688D
Vehicle make Volvo
Vehicle manufacturer Volvo Buses
Vehicle bodywork Walter Alexander Strider
Vehicle model B10M Mark IV
Length 11.997m
Width 2.5m
Quantity 200
Year 1995 & 1996
Period of registration 26 Oct 1995 - 24 Feb 1997
Passenger capacity Design Modified seating configuration
(Various buses)
Seating: 48
Standing: 36
Total: 84
Seating: 46
Standing: 36
Total: 82
Engine model Volvo THD102KF
Engine capacity 9603 cc
Emission standard Euro I
Transmission model ZF Ecomat I 4HP 500
Power/torque 245 hp (183 kW) @ 2200 rpm / 1050 Nm @ 1250 rpm
Suspension system Full air suspension
Air-con model Sütrak AC 35
Door model Deans
Additional features Exterior CCTV (SBS1973L, SBS2608K, SBS2609H, SBS2612Y, SBS2636D)
Solar panels (SBS2652G)


SBS2593T - SBS2688D

Registration no. Service Advertisement Notes
SBS2645C CGBP 3 N/A ^
SBS2647Y HGDEP SP BL: Sunsweet D'Noir Prunes: Taste Of A Masterpiece. D'Lightful, D'Licious, D'Noir Prunes. ^
SBS2648U ARBP 48 N/A
SBS2649S SLBP 193 N/A ^
SBS2651J SLBP 506 N/A
SBS2652G HGDEP 103 N/A
SBS2654B BBDEP 33/33A* N/A ^

Former deployments

Retired buses & de-registration schedule

Other informations


ARBP Ayer Rajah Bus Park
BBDEP Bukit Batok Depot
CGBP Changi Bus Park
HGDEP Hougang Depot
SLBP Soon Lee Bus Park
SP Spare bus
TRG Training bus
* Crossover
^ Without exterior air-con vents.
N/A Not available
(empty) Whole bus ad.
BL: Full body with Moove Big Label ad portions in areas between wheels & full rear, white plain portions for other areas.
B: Rear - Ad covering entire rear of bus.
L: Ad on the nearside / left side of bus. (Shared ad)
R: Ad on the offside / right side of bus. (Shared ad)
LS: Left skyliner board only.
RS: Right skyliner board only.
S: Ad on both skyliner boards only.
B2: Full rear ad with 2D pop-up at rear of bus.
B3: Full rear ad with 3D pop-up at rear of bus.
F2: Full body ad with 2D pop-up at side / rear of bus.
F3: Full body ad with 3D pop-up at rear of bus.
FS: Ad on both skyliner boards and full body ad.

Buses in depots

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ARBP 1 bus SBS2648U
BBDEP 2 buses SBS2646A SBS2654B
CGBP 1 bus SBS2645C
HGDEP 2 buses SBS2647Y SBS2652G
SLBP 2 buses SBS2649S SBS2651J


  • ARBP and BBDEP buses are interchangeable.
  • BNDEP and CGBP buses are interchangeable.

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