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Tower Transit SG3035T (Service 167)


Operator(s) SBS Transit SMRT Buses Tower Transit
Registration no. SG3001R – SG3006C
SG3017X – SG3020K
SG3040C – SG3043U
SG3046L – SG3049D
SG3009U – SG3013G
SG3030G – SG3039H
Vehicle make Volvo
Vehicle manufacturer Volvo Buses
Vehicle bodywork MCV Evora
Vehicle model B5LH AUTO
Length 12m
Width 2.55m
Quantity 25 8 17
50 (Total)
Year 2017 & 2018
Period of registration 1 Nov 2018 – 19 Mar 2019
Passenger capacity Seating: 28
Standing: 56
Wheelchair bay: 2
Total: 84
Engine model Volvo D5K240
Electric motor model Volvo Integrated Starter Alternator Motor (I-SAM)
Engine capacity 5132 cc
Emission standard Euro VI
Transmission model Volvo AT2412E I-Shift
Power/torque 240 hp (177 kW) @ 2200 rpm / 918 Nm @ 1200 - 1600 rpm
160 hp (120 kW) / 800 Nm (Electric motor, maximum)
94 hp (70 kW) / 400 Nm (Electric motor, continuous)
Suspension system Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS)
Braking system Volvo Electronic Braking System (EBS5)
Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR)
Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)
Exhaust system Volvo Exhaust Aftertreatment System
Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Technology
Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Technology
Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC)
Air-con model Valeo REVO-E
EDS controller model LECIP Driver Control Console
APCS model HELLA Aglaia APS-R-PoE
Seat model Vogel Industrie System 750/3
Door model SMC Transit
Additional features Volvo I-Coaching
FOBO Ultra Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Alfatronix PowerVerter Pro USB Chargers
Kenwood Speakers
Mobileye 630 Advanced Driver Assistance System
Mobileye Shield+ Collision Avoidance System
TNT Surveillance Golden Eye Anti-Fatigue System
Stroller restraint system
Surround View Camera System (SG3000T, SG3016Z, SG3021H, SG3024A, SG3028P, SG3030G – SG3039H, SG3044S & SG3045P)


SBS Transit

Registration no. Service Advertisement
SG3001R UPDEP 93 B: PropNex Realty: Preferred Agents Of This Neighbourhood • Desmond Koh 9003 4002 • Ivan Sim 9845 6099. Let Us Be Your Financial Guide To Purchasing Your Property Or Achieving Your Investment Goals Today! Singapore's Largest Listed Real Estate Agency.
SG3002M UPDEP 123 N/A
SG3003K UPDEP 93
SG3004H UPDEP 123
SG3005E AMDEP 59 Mediacorp - Channel 5 • Third Rail: 38 Passengers Trapped Underground On A Hijacked Train. All Episodes Available From 21 Nov. (L & R: Gold & Purple, B: Black)
SG3006C UPDEP 93 Maxi-Cash Financial Services Corp Ltd - Maxi-Cash: The Joy Of Giving. (L & R: Shop Online • (Feat. Tasha Low, TCP Artiste, Maxi-Cash Brand Ambassador & Phyllis Quek, Artiste Networks, Maxi-Cash Brand Ambassador) (3rd Gen: Dark Blue)
SG3008Y UPDEP 93 8028 Holdings - Deleted 越界 The Movie: Anti Human Trafficking Movie! 根据真事件改编, 贩卖儿童电影! In Cinema 3rd November 2022. Facebook - DeletedTheMovie.
SG3014D AMDEP 59 N/A
SG3017X AMDEP 59
SG3018T AMDEP 59 Kean Ann Co Pte Ltd - Loacker Quadratini Peanut Butter Wafers: New! With Peanut Butter It's Even Better.
SG3019R AMDEP 59 B: StarHub Ltd - StarHub X Premier League: Football For All. Presenting Broadcast Sponsor: NTUC Income. (Green)
SG3020K AMDEP 59 N/A
SG3022E AMDEP 59 Mediacorp - Channel 5 • King Of Culinary: A Fun & Fiery Cook-Off! The Master vs Super Homecooks. Begins 20 Aug, On meWATCH. (Feat. L: Chef S.R. Bala - The Spice Wizard, R: Chef Bob - The Gastronomy Guru, B: Chef Eric Teo - The Master Of Culinary Arts) (Black)
SG3023C AMDEP 59 Singtel - Singtel 5G Network: Why Not? (L & B: Commute With Ease. Stream Shows In A Breeze. Singtel 5G Everywhere. R: Free Yourself From Slow. 5G Everywhere You Go. Singtel 5G Nationwide. (4th Gen: Red, Magenta, Blue & White)
SG3026U UPDEP 272 N/A
SG3027S UPDEP 93 Orchard Clinic: L & R: Journeying With Women From Pregnancy To Menopause. Specialised Body Treatments Pre & Post Pregnancy To Menopause • Pelvic Floor & Incontinence • Diastasis Recti (Mummy Tummy) • Skin Laxity. Instagram - Orchard.Clinic. B: Bukit Timah • Orchard • Parkway Parade. Contact Us 6235 4560.
SG3029L AMDEP 59 N/A
SG3040C UPDEP 93
SG3041A UPDEP 93
SG3042Y UPDEP 272
SG3043U UPDEP 272
SG3046L UPDEP 93
SG3047J UPDEP 93
SG3048G UPDEP 93
SG3049D UPDEP 93

SMRT Buses

Registration no. Service
SG3007A KJDEP 920
SG3009U KJDEP 920
SG3010P KJDEP 920
SG3011L KJDEP 920
SG3012J KJDEP 920
SG3013G KJDEP 920
SG3015B KJDEP 920
SG3025Y KJDEP 920

Tower Transit

Registration no. Service Advertisement
SG3000T MDDEP 859A/859B N/A
SG3016Z MDDEP 859A/859B
SG3021H MDDEP 859A/859B
SG3024A MDDEP 853 Mediacorp Radio - Warna 94.2FM • Serentak Semasa: L: Espresso Warna Bersama A B Shaik & Mariam Mas'od (6:30AM - 10AM) • Warna Kejora Bersama Sue Kassim (9PM - 12AM). R: Warna Vista Bersama Aura Shai (10AM - 2PM) • Zon Warna Petang Bersama Noreha Bajuri (2PM - 5PM) • Dinamika Warna Bersama RZ & TG (5PM - 9PM). B: Warna 94.2FM • Muat Turun Sekarang MeListen. (3rd Gen: Green & Yellow)
SG3028P MDDEP 859A/859B N/A
SG3030G MDDEP 853 Liberty Wireless Pte Ltd - Circles.Life Jetpac Travel Plan: Ready Jetpac Go! Take Off With Total Travel Freedom. Roam Anywhere. For Everyone. All Perks, No Fuss. Blast Off To Your Next Trip With Jetpac Now! (Dark Blue)
SG3031D MDDEP 853 N/A
SG3032B MDDEP 853
SG3034X MDDEP 853
SG3035T MDDEP 853
SG3036R MDDEP 853
SG3037M MDDEP 853
SG3038K MDDEP 853 Asia Pacific Breweries (Singapore) - Edelweiss Wheat Beer • Born In The Alps 1646: Pure Alpine Taste. Feel The Alps. (3rd Gen: Pale Blue & Dark Blue)
SG3039H MDDEP 853 Kean Ann Co Pte Ltd - Loacker Quadratini Peanut Butter Wafers: New! With Peanut Butter It's Even Better.
SG3044S MDDEP 853 B: Mediacorp Radio - YES 933 • 顶尖流行音乐电台 • 你的潮流指标: YES 933 揭秘专家游戏. 解密码,赢 $10,000. 张颖双 • 钟坤华. YES 933 • 顶尖流行音乐电台 • 即时下载 MeListen. (4th Gen: Yellow & Blue)
SG3045P MDDEP 853 N/A

Former deployments

Other information


AMDEP Ang Mo Kio Depot
KJDEP Kranji Depot
MDDEP Mandai Depot
UPDEP Ulu Pandan Depot
N/A Not available
(empty) Two-third (⅔) body ad with front one-third (⅓) of left & right sides left unwrapped (in previous body colour).
B: Ad covering entire rear.
L: Ad on nearside / left side. (Shared ad)
R: Ad on offside / right side. (Shared ad)

Buses in depots

SBS Transit

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AMDEP 9 buses SG3005E SG3014D SG3017X SG3018T SG3019R SG3020K SG3022E SG3023C SG3029L
UPDEP 16 buses SG3001R SG3002M SG3003K SG3004H SG3006C SG3008Y SG3026U SG3027S SG3040C SG3041A SG3042Y SG3043U SG3046L SG3047J SG3048G SG3049D

SMRT Buses

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KJDEP 8 buses SG3007A SG3009U SG3010P SG3011L SG3012J SG3013G SG3015B SG3025Y

Tower Transit

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MDDEP 16 buses SG3000T SG3016Z SG3021H SG3024A SG3028P SG3030G SG3031D SG3032B SG3034X SG3035T SG3036R SG3037M SG3038K SG3039H SG3044S SG3045P

Type of purchase(s)

All buses are bought under Land Transport Authority (LTA)'s Bus Contracting Model (BCM).


  • All buses except SG3002M – SG3005E & SG3018T have the smaller sized "Eco Bus - Low Emissions, Cleaner Air" decals pasted.

SBS Transit

  • SG3006C does not have 'SG♥BUS' logo pasted on nearside of bus.
  • SG3008Y does not have 'SG♥BUS' logo pasted on front of bus.
  • SG3018T does not have operator logo pasted on front of bus.
  • SG3027S & SG3048G do not have operator logo pasted on offside of bus.

SMRT Buses

  • All buses except SG3007A feature SBS Transit give way sticker.

Tower Transit

  • SG3000T features a darker shade of interior panels.
  • SG3044S & SG3045P have its nearside operator logo pasted near the rear door of bus.

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