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Left: 1995, as an Ah Long. Right: 2014: as a pimp.

Yap Hei Long (Simplified Chinese: 叶黑龙, Traditional Chinese: 葉黑龍), also credited simply as Hei Long, is a Singaporean actor.

Like fellow actors John Cheng and Alex Lee Han Kwan, Yap is mostly typecast as a criminal or Ah Long figure in cameos in Channel 8 dramas, sometimes acting alongside Lee Nanxing. Notable exceptions include Mirror of Life 2, where he was a protagonist in in one episode, where he played a tontine banker who gets into debt with an Ah Long, Facing the Music where he had a cameo role as a CID officer, and On the Fringe where he appeared in several episodes as a supporting character.


Year Title Role Notes
1994 The Challenger Referee Episodes 13, 15
Voice dubbed over.
1995 It's My World Rong's Henchman Episodes 7, 17
Lady Investigators Ah Long Episode 10
Voice dubbed over.
Shadow World Ah Chun Episode 7
Credited as Hei Long.
Voice dubbed over.
Thorny Love Henchman TV movie.
1996 Tofu Street Henchman Episode 12
Voice dubbed over.
1997 My Family, My Wife Steven Episode 14
Credited as Hei Long.
Don't Worry, Be Happy 2 Min Hui's Mentee Episode 8
Mirror of Life 2 Biao Episode 2
1998 Facing the Music CID Officer A Episode 1
Voice dubbed over.
Stand by Me Ah Long Episode 2
Credited as Hei Long.
My Teacher, Aiyoyo! Ah Long Episode 3
Office Affairs Burglar Episode 10
Legends of the Eight Immortals Oxhead Episode 15
Credited as Hei Long.
Voice dubbed over.
On the Edge Ah Long Episode 3
1999 God of Fortune Da Er Long Episode 8
Credited as Hei Long.
Voice dubbed over.
Mr OK Ah Long Episode 8
2000 The Tax Files Huang Hanliang Episode 1
Voice partially dubbed over.
Credited as Hei Long.
2001 Beyond the Axis of Truth Gang Boss Episode 6
2002 The Vagrant Peter Episodes 14, 16, 17 (uncredited)
I Not Stupid Medium interpreter Episode 15 (Uncredited)
2003 Holland V Papaya's boyfriend Episode 61 (uncredited)
2004 The Best Bet 4D King's Henchman
Illegal Casino dealer
Episodes 1, 5 (uncredited)
2006 C.I.D. Attacker Uncredited
The Undisclosed Xiao Hei Episodes 8, 19
2008 The Golden Path Big Head Qing Episode 22
2011 On the Fringe Monkey Episodes 1, 2, 5, 11, 14, 18
2014 118 Long-ge Episode 35
2017 Life Less Ordinary Ah Gou Episodes 46-48, 62
2018 Eat Already? 4 Fake Coffeeshop Assistant Episode 8
Credited as Hei Long.
Year Title Role Notes
1998 Money No Enough Medium helper
1999 Liang Po Po: The Movie Gangster
Street Angels Nam's Fellow
2005 One More Chance Illegal casino dealer
2006 The Vietnamese Bride Peh Hor
2007 One Ah Siao Short film
Credited as Yat Hei Long.
2009 Blood Ties Tang