Zhongtong Sunny LCK6121GHEV

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SMRT Buses SMB137A (Feeder 941) — Demonstrator


Former Operator(s) SMRT Buses
Registration no. SMB137A
Vehicle make Zhongtong
Vehicle manufacturer Zhongtong Bus Holding
Vehicle model LCK6121GHEV
Vehicle bodywork Zhongtong
Length 11.99m
Width 2.54m
Quantity 1
Year 2010
Period of registration 3 Jan 2011
Passenger capacity Seating: 34
Standing: 47
Wheelchair bay: 1
Total: 81
Engine model Dongfeng Cummins ISBe4 225B
Electric motor model Eaton Hybrid Electric Power System
Engine capacity 6693 cc
Emission standard Euro IV
Transmission model Eaton UltraShift F0-6406A-ASW
Power/torque 225 hp (165 kW) @ 2500 rpm / 850 Nm @ 1500 rpm
60 hp (44 kW) / 420 Nm (Electric motor)
Suspension system Electronically Controlled Air Suspension
Exhaust system Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Technology
Air-con model Tongsun TSZQD40
EDS model Mobitec MobiLED
EDS controller model Mobitec MobiMASTER ICU 400
Seat model Vogelsitze System 750/3
Additional features Tongda TD-09 Bus Line Announcer System
SAFE Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder

Former deployments[edit]


Registration no. Service(s) served Status
SMB137A KJDEP 188/530*/941*/945* (Jan 2011 – Jul 2011) Sold to Travel GSH Pte Ltd, re-registered as PC2086J, converted to an office space and subsequently de-registered.

Other information[edit]


KJDEP Kranji Depot
* Crossover


  • SMB137A was the demonstrator.

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