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Siemens C651
center-left center-right
In service 1994 – Present
Manufacturer Siemens
Origin Vienna, Austria
Constructed 1993 – 1994
Refurbishment Singapore Rail Engineering
2016 – 2019
Number Built 114 cars (19 Trains)
Body Construction Stainless steel construction
Length 23.65 m (DT)
22.8 m (M1/M2)
Width 3.2 m
Height 3.7 m
Doors 1.45 m, 8 per car
Maximum Speed Design: 90 km/h
Service: 80 km/h
Traction Control Original: GTO–VVVF PWM (Siemens)
Upgraded: IGBT-VVVF (Toshiba PMSM)
Line Voltage 750V DC Third Rail
Track Gauge 1435 mm Standard Gauge

Siemens C651 are the second generation of trains running on the North South Line and the East West Line. These trains were manufactured from 1993 to 1994 by Siemens AG under the Contract 651.

Some of the trains are undergoing/had underwent mid-life refurbishment program by Singapore Rail Engineering.


As part of some experimental programs in the late 1990s and early 2000s, some trains were fitted with more standing space between the doors of the second and fifth cars with 3 of the 9 seats removed and seats in the third and fourth cars replaced with upholstered cushion in an attempt to provide a degree of comfort to passengers standing in that space. However, the upholstered cushion was revert to original seats in 2006. Some trains also features grab poles that branch out into three in 2007.


Refurbishment contract for these trains have been awarded to Singapore Rail Engineering (SRE). When completed, these upgrades will address train components such as doors and brakes that have been the primary cause of delays owing to train faults. The changes will include re-signalling, refurbishing the propulsion system, air-conditioning system, auxiliary power system, interior saloon with modifying handrails and exterior of the trains.[1][2]

Refurbishment works has begun since early 2016 and is expected to undergo dynamic tests and commence revenue service in early 2018.[3]

Official press release by SMRT states that they stopped the Mid-life Upgrading of C651 Trains.[4]


Initial Refurbishment
DT M1 M2 M2 M1 DT
Exterior Design
Livery White with red strip SMRT Pixelised Livery
Train Run Number Green Flipdot TBC
Interior Design
Seating Capacity Original Modified TBC
336 (332 after signalling upgrade) 372 (368 after signalling upgrade)
Wheelchair Bay N/A TBC
Door Closing Indicator Lights N/A TBC
Safety System ATC, ATO, ATP, ATS (after signalling upgrade) ATC, ATO, ATP, ATS
Signalling System Fixed Block
Communication Based Train Control (after signalling upgrade)
Communication Based Train Control
Traction Control GTO–VVVF PWM (Siemens) IGBT-VVVF (Toshiba PMSM)

Fleet Numbering

The car numbers of the trains range from x201 to x238, where x depends on the carriage type.

  • The first digit identifies the position of the car from the closest end of the train; where ‘3’ represents first car, ‘1’ represents second car and ‘1’ represents third car.
    • (Example) Passenger Vehicle 237/238 would consist of 6 cars with serial number 3237, 1237, 2237, 2238, 1238 and 3238 respectively.
  • Depending on the direction of travel, the sequence may be reversed.


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