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All buses do not deregister on the day of their Lifespan Expiry Date.
They are officially de-registered on the following day of their Lifespan Expiry Date according to One Motoring.

SBS Transit[edit]

Volvo B9TL (CDGE)[edit]

Lifespan expiry date[edit]

Lifespan expiry date Registration no.
4 Jun 2023 SBS7304D, SBS7306Z
13 Jun 2023 SBS7301L, SBS7303G, SBS7305B, SBS7307X
21 Jun 2023 SBS7310K, SBS7311H, SBS7314A, SBS7317S
26 Jul 2023 SBS7449U
24 Aug 2023 SBS7318P, SBS7324X, SBS7330C, SBS7336L
30 Aug 2023 SBS7328K, SBS7335P, SBS7357B
31 Aug 2023 SBS7315Y, SBS7316U, SBS7322B, SBS7327M
5 Sep 2023 SBS7329H, SBS7331A, SBS7338G, SBS7343R, SBS7346H, SBS7347E, SBS7355G
10 Sep 2023 SBS7340Z, SBS7342T, SBS7349A, SBS7350U, SBS7353L, SBS7364E
25 Sep 2023 SBS7323Z, SBS7332Y, SBS7333U, SBS7344M, SBS7345K, SBS7352P, SBS7354J, SBS7356D, SBS7359X, SBS7361M – SBS7363H, SBS7365C – SBS7370L, SBS7372G – SBS7374B, SBS7376X – SBS7378R, SBS7382C – SBS7385U, SBS7387P, SBS7388L, SBS7392Z, SBS7394T, SBS7395R, SBS7404Z, SBS7405X
26 Sep 2023 SBS7312E, SBS7386S, SBS7390D, SBS7391B, SBS7396M – SBS7399E, SBS7401G – SBS7403B, SBS7407R, SBS7408M, SBS7410E, SBS7412A, SBS7414U – SBS7416P, SBS7418J – SBS7421Z, SBS7423T – SBS7425M, SBS7427H – SBS7429C, SBS7431U – SBS7439Z, SBS7441R – SBS7448Y, SBS7450P – SBS7463C
27 Sep 2023 SBS7380H, SBS7464A – SBS7499A

De-registered buses[edit]

  • SBS7300P, SBS7302J, SBS7308T, SBS7309R, SBS7313C, SBS7319L – SBS7321D, SBS7325T, SBS7326R, SBS7334S, SBS7337J, SBS7339D, SBS7341X, SBS7348C, SBS7351S, SBS7358Z, SBS7360R, SBS7371J, SBS7375Z, SBS7379M, SBS7381E, SBS7389J, SBS7393X, SBS7400J, SBS7406T, SBS7409K, SBS7411C, SBS7413Y, SBS7417L, SBS7422X, SBS7426K, SBS7430Y, SBS7440T

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