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East West Line
கிழக்கு மேற்கு வரி
EWL Map.png
Status Operational
Termini Pasir Ris
Tuas Link
Changi Airport
Stations 35
Services 2
Operator(s) SMRT
Rolling stock C151, C651, C751B, C151A, C151B, C151C
Line length 55.7 km
Track gauge 1,435 mm standard gauge
Electrification 750V DC Third rail

East West Line (EWL) is the second Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) line. Traveling from one end to the other takes about 80 minutes. The line is currently 55.7 km long with 35 stations, making it the longest MRT line.


Date Event
12 December 1987 City Hall - Outram Park
12 March 1988 Outram Park - Clementi
5 November 1988 Clementi - Lakeside
4 November 1989 City Hall - Tanah Merah
Separation of North South Line and East West Line
16 December 1989 Tanah Merah - Pasir Ris
10 March 1990 Jurong East - Choa Chu Kang
6 July 1990 Lakeside - Boon Lay
10 February 1996 Jurong East - Choa Chu Kang integrated to North South Line
10 January 2001 Tanah Merah - Expo
18 October 2001 Dover (Added on operational line)
8 February 2002 Expo - Changi Airport
28 February 2009 Boon Lay - Joo Koon
4 September 2010 - 5 September 2010 Clementi - Jurong East suspended due to the construction of Jurong East Modification Project (JEMP)[1]
18 June 2017 Joo Koon - Tuas Link
16 November 2017 - 19 November 2017 Joo Koon - Tuas Link suspended due to the Joo Koon train collision[2]
20 November 2017 - 26 May 2018 Joo Koon - Gul Circle suspended due to the Joo Koon train collision[3]
(Except 10, 17 December 2017, 29 April 2018 and 6, 13, 20 May 2018)
10, 17 December 2017 Outram Park - Tuas Link suspended due to the upgrading of signaling system on the East West Line[4]
27 May 2018 Switched from Fixed Block Signaling system to Communication Based Train Control Signalling System.
14, 21, 28 March 2021 Boon Lay - Tuas Link suspended due to the electrical cable replacement on the East West Line[5]
4, 11, 18 April 2021
25 April 2021 Joo Koon - Tuas Link suspended due to the electrical cable replacement on the East West Line[5]
2, 9, 16, 23 May 2021

1993 Clementi train collision[edit]

On 5 August 1993, before opening, a maintenance vehicle spilt oil on the tracks between Clementi and Jurong East. The first ten trains reported braking problems, then the eleventh train from Jurong stopped at the Clementi station for two minutes longer than scheduled due to it using its emergency brakes to stop at the station at 7.50am, before being hit by another train when it failed to stop in time. 156 passengers were injured by the collision.[6]

2015 train disruption[edit]

On 7 July 2015 at about 7.20pm, both the North South Line and East West Line were temporarily disrupted due to massive power trips detected along the line. Train service resumed at 10.35pm at a reduced speed.[7] The cause of the disruption was due to damaged insulators which caused a failure to properly supply power.[8]

2016 Pasir Ris accident[edit]

At about 11.08am on 22 March 2016, two SMRT track-maintenance trainee staff were killed after a C151 train approaching Pasir Ris station ran over them,[9], resulting in a temporarily service disruption between Pasir Ris and Tanah Merah.

In the investigation report, the two trainee staff joined SMRT in January 2016 and worked as technicians under a technical team of 15 staff led by a supervisor and were tasked to go down to the tracks to investigate an alarm triggered by a possible signalling equipment fault close by the station. An operator cited that they were granted access to the tracks, but did not coordinate with a Signal Unit in the station to ensure trains could not travel in the area where the team was.[10]

2017 Joo Koon train collision[edit]

On 15 November 2017 at 8.18am, 2 C151A trains collided at Joo Koon station. A train fault caused the first train heading in the direction of Tuas Link to stall at the station. A minute later, a second train stopped behind the first and then "moved forward unexpectedly", resulting in the collision. 36 passengers and 2 SMRT staff sustained light to moderate injuries, and have been conveyed to nearby hospitals.[11][12][13]

Investigation found that the first train had a safety protection feature removed when it went over a faulty signalling circuit.[14] That safety protection feature was designed to fix a known bug which wrongly designated the six-car train as a three-car train under certain circumstances.[14] While the first train was being detrained and the automatic platform doors were opened, a separate protection module was activated to block off the entire length of the platform at Joo Koon station. The module notified the second train's signalling computer that the Joo Koon station's westbound platform was occupied and to stay clear of the platform.[14] The second train stopped at the correct distance behind the first train while the automatic platform doors were open. However, once the doors were closed, the platform length protection module was removed. When the signalling on the second train detected the first train as only three cars instead of six, it started moving to close the perceived gap between both trains for the distance of three cars, thus allowing the acceleration of the second train and the rear-end collision with the first train.[14]


Station Name Image Working names Notes
East West Line
EW1CR5CP1 Pasir Ris Pasir Ris-EWL.png Pasir Ris Terminus
Future Interchange with Cross Island Line
EW2DT32 Tampines Tampines-EWL.png Tampines Interchange with Downtown Line
EW3 Simei Simei-EWL.png Simei
EW4CG Tanah Merah Tanah Merah-EWL.png Bedok, Changi Terminus (Changi Airport Extension)
EW5 Bedok Bedok-EWL.png Chai Chee
EW6 Kembangan Kembangan-EWL.png Frankel
EW7 Eunos Eunos-EWL.png Eunos
EW8CC9 Paya Lebar Paya Lebar-EWL.png Paya Lebar Interchange with Circle Line
EW9 Aljunied Aljunied-EWL.png Aljunied
EW10 Kallang Kallang-EWL.png Geylang
EW11 Lavender Lavender-EWL.png Crawford
EW12DT14 Bugis Bugis-EWL.png Rochore, Victoria Interchange with Downtown Line
EW13NS25 City Hall City Hall-NSL-EWL.png Saint Andrew's Interchange with North South Line
EW14NS26 Raffles Place Raffles Place-NSL-EWL.png Central Interchange with North South Line
EW15 Tanjong Pagar Tanjong Pagar-EWL.png Maxwell
EW16NE3TE17 Outram Park Outram Park-EWL.png Outram Park Interchange with North East Line
Future Interchange with Thomson–East Coast Line
EW17 Tiong Bahru Tiong Bahru-EWL.png Tiong Bahru
EW18 Redhill Redhill-EWL.png Alexandra
EW19 Queenstown Queenstown-EWL.png Princess, Commonwealth
EW20 Commonwealth Commonwealth-EWL.png Queenstown
EW21CC22 Buona Vista Buona Vista-EWL.png North Buona Vista Interchange with Circle Line
EW22 Dover Dover-EWL.png Polytechnic
EW23 Clementi Clementi-EWL.png Clementi
EW24NS1JE5 Jurong East Jurong East-NSL-EWL.png Jurong, Jurong Town Interchange with North South Line
Future Interchange with Jurong Region Line
EW25 Chinese Garden Chinese Garden-EWL.png Jurong Lake
EW26 Lakeside Lakeside-EWL.png Corporation
EW27JS8 Boon Lay Boon Lay-EWL.png Jurong West Future Interchange with Jurong Region Line
EW28 Pioneer Pioneer-EWL.png Pioneer
EW29 Joo Koon Joo Koon-EWL.png Joo Koon
EW30 Gul Circle Gul Circle-EWL.png Tuas
EW31 Tuas Crescent Tuas Crescent-EWL.png Tuas Crescent
EW32 Tuas West Road Tuas West Road-EWL.png Tuas West
EW33 Tuas Link Tuas Link-EWL.png Tuas Link Terminus
East West Line (Changi Airport Extension)
CG1DT35 Expo Expo-EWL.png Somapah Interchange with Downtown Line
CG2 Changi Airport Changi Airport-EWL.png Changi Airport Terminus

Notes: The official code for Tanah Merah remains as EW4.

Rolling stock[edit]

The rolling stock consists of Kawasaki Heavy Industries C151, Siemens C651, Kawasaki Heavy Industries & Nippon Sharyo C751B, Kawasaki Heavy Industries & CSR Qingdao Sifang C151A, Kawasaki Heavy Industries & CSR Qingdao Sifang C151B and Kawasaki Heavy Industries & CRRC Qingdao Sifang C151C trains. These trains operate from Ulu Pandan Depot near Jurong East station, Changi Depot near Tanah Merah station and Tuas Depot near Tuas Link station.


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