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Hitachi Monorail is a monorail which was currently used on Sentosa Express which has been built 6 trainsets as of 2016, and every trains are in colours and also it has been featured alot from the dismantled Sentosa Monorail. It started operation on 15 January 2007 with first four trains: Green, Blue, Purple and Orange. And to prevent high demand, two more trains were added to the fleet and added up to 6 which the colours are: Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Pink and Red. Pink and Red Trainsets were started operation on 1 December 2009.

The trains are in small-type to alignment for tight turns, and they were used in 2-carriage long, lengthening at 25m long. And the trains can used up to 148 passengers. The features is the trains were in air-conditioned compare to dismantled Sentosa Monorail, it was non-air conditioned. Also the monorail trains goes faster than the dismantled Sentosa monorail which was very slow which can cause passengers uncomfortable. They also used RATIS information system and added train announcements to know passengers where the station is.

As of 2014, they have announced to make a further expansion with 1 train set for this monorail and colour is unconfirmed. The trains will not extend to 3-carriages as the stations cannot effort to be built, therefore the trains will be sticked to two carriages.


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