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To clarify the misconception that everyone have, the engine, MAN D 2066 LUH-32 is only rated at 320hp (235kW). That is false. All engine can be modified mechanically and electrically on it's power rating, but it's unable to do so on it's torque rating. Like in this case, SMB388S had an derated engine, but the power rating had been modified to 360hp (265kW). You may wish to compare through the pickup and torque rating with the other MAN NL323F. This also results in the transmission options are chosen based on maximum torque output of the engine (for in SMB388S case, it was given a Voith D864.5 as it had a maximum torque output of 1600Nm).

To take another example to illustrate, Singapore Airline (SIA) Boeing 777-200 is actually Boeing 777-200ER, but it actually had an derated engine similar to Boeing 777-200. The engine thrust output for the derated engine is 84,000lbf (373kN) while the normal engine is 92,000lbf (409kN). However, during certain part of the year, or when it's deem fit, the derated engine will be electronically programmed, to match with the output force on a non-derated engine. In other words, a derated engine give a power of a non-derated engine.

With that being said, the power of an engine had no fix value as this may change depending on the operator, however, the recommended/standard power offered by the manufacturer will be stated on publication, such as MAN D 2066 LUH-32 is 320hp (235kW).

According to one motoring which I do a random lookup at multiple MAN Buses VIN and Engine Number, it shows that SMB388S has a tendency to be indeed having LUH-32.

Let's us take a look at it's respective VIN & Engine No.

Vehicle No Type Year of Manufacturer VIN Engine No
SMB288Y A22 2012 WMA A22 ZZX C7 001361 50330290703025
SMB349E A22 2012 WMA A22 ZZ7 C7 001513 50330921273112
SMB1538U A22 2014 WMA A22 ZZX E7 002416 50338683093876
SMB1582R A22 2015 WMA A22 ZZ3 F7 002551 50339370253937
SMB388S A24 2012 WMA A22 ZZ5 C7 001358 50330281823025
SMB8001E A24 2014 WMA A22 ZZ9 E7 002175 50337920393782
SMB5888H A95 2013 WMA A22 ZZ0 D7 001979 50334920853476


  • A##: Vehicle Model
  • ZZ: Unknown
  • #: Check Sum (America)
  • C/D/E/F: Manufactured from 2012 - 2015 respectively in order
  • 7: Unknown
  • Remaining: Sequence Number (000001 - 1st vehicle of the production line)

Engine Number:
I unable to decode this part. But this number should actually represent something.

Now, listen carefully to both video (Deduction may be wrong):

Both video produced an identical sound. Since both models feature Voith Diwa Transmission, let's assumed that SMB388S using Voith DIWA 864.5. The maximum torque for LUH-33 had exceeded the maximum torque a Voith DIWA 864.5 can support/handle, thus, SMB388S is more likely to be using LUH-32, which SMRT publish is accurate this time.

However, this method of compartision may not be accurate and in order for more accurate results, we can (1) Ask ST Engineering about the Engine; (2) Decode the Engine Number; (3) Fully decode VIN. Either 1 of them may get you the necessary results of the engine of SMB388S or none may get it. In the meantime, let's wait for SMB8001E to be out in the road and hopefully, it equipped with a Voith transmission and LUH-33 engine so we can further determine SMB388S's Engine.

Part 2: Shouldn't the model be state the recommended power

A misconception is that i.e. NL323F recommended power is 320hp, NL363F recommended power is 360hp. In fact, the second digits represents the ACTUAL power. NL323F had a true power of 320hp and NL363F had a true power of 360hp. But with that being said, during the course of it's lifespan, the power may actually be tuned up or down depending on the operators needs. But this being said, normally an automobile operator would not want to hassle with the tuning of power during it's lifespan as a model would be generally able to handle the load/work required to run on the road. There is no point in adjusting 320hp to 360hp when 320hp is required to power the machine and run on a fix set of road after a period of time right or vice-versa? Tuning up and down also required an engine to undergo stress testing before able to confirmed if it had been tuned up or down normally and this would results in a loss of time.

Part 3: LUH-32 & LUH-33 are the same engine

SgForum User SBS351M mentioned "The D2066LUH 32 and 33 are the same engine, just electronically rated to 320 and 360 hp respectively. A -32 uprated to 360hp is basically a -33.".

This statement is partially true. LUH-32 and LUH-33 are part of MAN D 2066 Euro 5 Family, of course, they will share almost the same configuration, size, capacity etc. However, they are DIFFERENT engines. Take a close look at the Torque Rating and performance other than power, the LUH-33 is different from an uptuned/original LUH-32.

But with that being said, they are basically the "same" but slight different. Not 100% same as claimed by that user.

With that being said, more research is required to determine the actual engine of SMB388S.

-Supernutorcrazy (Talk)