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I sure your are frustrated that no other believe that SG1782H is perm 70. For the benefit of doubt, I had consulted others and come to these conclusion.

  • It was observed frequently on Service 70 and 162M. As such, there is no clear consensus that it perm 70.

To counter this, you need to keep track of close to 3/4 departure timings/duty trip instead of a common departure timing (4pm+) for the said bus as it may be a perm bus of other service (crossover to 70) or spare bus.

Thanks & Regards

i always saw SG1782H come my bus stop at 1620pm


I understand that SG1782H come to your bus stop at 4.20pm. In order to classify that a bus is perm on it service, it need to fulfill the following:

  • Frequently spotted across multiple day
  • Frequently spotted during the whole service hours
    • Full day perm bus will be frequently spotted from start of operation to end of operation
    • Peak period perm bus will be frequently spotted during the peak hours only.

Therefore, I can proof that your edit is a disruptive edit because you can only prove the departure timing on a single timeslot (where it can be a crossover from other service).

Secondly, a bus is said to be a spare bus if it fulfilled the following criteria:

  • (a) it had been on service before (revenue or ferry service);
  • (b) it was not deregistered/lay-off
  • (c) it frequently spotted across multiple services (excluding crossover trips)
  • (d) it does not have a perm service.

Thanks & Regards

Tomorrow i go check 12pm bus and 3pm bus


Any update on SG1782H?