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Regarding Your Ad Changes Edits

Dear Mr Lemon,

We admins have our own daily jobs to do as well, and we know you do too. What we can do, is try to update the ad details + deployment details as often & up-to-date as possible.

Regarding the SDIC edits previously, yes I did make them, but I'm just keeping the Wiki updated accordingly. The person who edits does not always equate to the same person who sees it, do bear that in mind.

If you happen to find ad details that are missing / incorrect, no one's stopping you from editing them accordingly, as long as you denote accordingly in the Summary section as well.

So I (on behalf of the other Sgwiki admins) would appreciate if you do your part, and we admins will do our part as well to keep Wiki as up-to-date as possible.

If you've got any other issues, feel free to raise them as and when you see them.

Thanks for your co-operation.


Re: Trabis

Thanks for the heads up.


Thanks for your countless valuable inputs. As this issue is between users, it would be appropriate for me to hear the viewpoint on both party to decide the next course of action.

If there is anymore clarification, I will contact you again.

Thanks and regards

Thanks & Regards

--Supernutorcrazy (talk, administrator) 20 March 2019 20:49 SGT

Re:new strides /bus plus bus


Have created the page on your behalf. PC7991M is currently registered under BYD SG (201409518W).

SEDEP bus edits

Hi Lemon1974

It would be sincerely appreciated if you can edit the relevant Former Deployments pages when you edit deployment changes as well. Otherwise, this can cause confusion next time when readers see it. Thank you.


Recent edits

Hi Lemon1974,

Thank you for your help in editing the SBS Transit Spare Buses page. I tend to always forget to edit this page for some reason. So sorry about that and thank you.