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Please comply with the instructions stated at Travel Advisory.



I have received feedbacks on you reverting correct/accurate information, and shortly added it back again from my talk page.

As such, I would wished to hear from your opinion as I do not wished to made a biased decision.

Thanks & Regards



To improve the quality of sgWiki, please ensure that all news must be obtain through official sources and not from third party sources.

Example: News about a new bus service / amendment of bus service / withdrawal of bus service must come from ONLY the following sources before updating to sgWiki:

  • Land Transport Authority: / /
  • Transitlink Singapore: /
  • SBS Transit: / /
  • SMRT Corporation: / /
  • Tower Transit Singapore: / /
  • Go-Ahead Singapore: / /
  • or any of the private operators website or social media.

Do take note that sources from Land Transport Guru are considered third party information and are not to be included in sgWiki unless verified/cross-examined from official sources.

Thanks and Regards

Service 258

Good Afternoon SBS3107H,

Please note that Service 258, which was introduced under the BSEP serving within Jurong West estate is not classfied under the Jurong Industrial Services. Only Services 246 - 257 are under the Jurong Industrial Services.

Inform the users editing sgWiki to not merge Service 258 deployment & history information over to Jurong Industrial Services classfication.


--Apex-LW'21 (talk) 17:29, 22 November 2015 (SGT)

bus history page

hi, for your info, 12am should NOT be the time to edit the info there, as at that time the buses are still plying their old routes